ImAJok3r 31 Május 2024 13:57


Well friends, it has come to the point in a server’s lifespan when it needs a new light shed upon it. This season we have had our ups and downs with the first transition onto 1.16 and all the crazy changes! With it, we saw new things like tiered gyms, chat colours, artifacts, new events and so many other things thanks to our amazing staff team. However, I’m here to tell you all that we will be resetting red on the FRIDAY 7TH JUNE and you are probably wondering what that entails for you all?


You will have a complete fresh account at the start of the server. With that, you will be on the same footing as all the other players to race for top dex rank and being champion! Be the first person to beat all the t1 and t2 gyms, be the first person to find a hidden ability Pokémon, and more! The majority of the current features will be returning with a complete rework, as well as a lot of new stuff to start the server off with a bang! All the people who have bought commands will have them returned to them over the next few days onto the reset, any donations made in May will have them returned also so please be patient with those as well.


We have added onto the server our new reset bank, allowing you to deposit any 1 Pokémon you like and you will receive it back on the day of the reset. The Pokémon the bank will be made unbreedable and untradeable though and items will be removed from them.

A more furrow announcement will be made closer to the time as well as sneak peaks will be released throughout the time leading to next Friday. If you have any suggestions please leave a msg in the #suggestion channel. I know things have been a bit quiet recently, which is something myself and the whole staff team have discussed recently and implementing ways to improve onto this journey. Any further questions I am always open to DM’s, sometimes my replies can be a bit slow though due to working long hours with my main job but I will do my best to reply!!

Thank you all and hope you have an amazing day and week! 

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