Johto Zygarde (Legendary VP glitch)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Hawker04, Nov 16, 2018.

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    What actually happened?
    At approximately 5:30am - 7am EST, Friday, 16 November 2018, I was awaiting the Vote Party Legendary spawn. I was floating in the air with 1 vote left until it spawned, then all of a sudden it spawn right under me.
    I then retrieved my Pokemon and descended into the water and immediately sent out my Pokemon and entered battle with the Zygarde which had spawned under me. After I got into battle with it I relaxed, expecting that I was going to catch it because of the 3 master balls that I had in my inventory. About 5-10 seconds after I had entered battle with this legendary and about 2 seconds after I sent out my master ball I see that another player had captured it, even though I was the first person there with ease. Under the message where it read 'x has caught a legendary zygarde.' I saw it say 'Your party was full. Zygarde has been sent to your PC.' Also, after it said that this Pokemon was caught, two of my Pokemon leveled up. After I saw this message I was unaware of any glitches that occurred with VP legendaries, therefore I sent a master balls out, expecting to catch it because I was still in battle with it and had no clue what was happening. After sending out this master ball and it breaking free I ended the battle and immediately checked my PC only to discover that there was no legendary in my PC. I was very annoyed and waited for a mod to come online. Rail Breaker came online and began discussing it with me, he said that nothing could be done about the Zygarde but he refunded my master balls which I didn't really care about at this point. I continued to ask and question him about the glitch. After 15 minutes of this some people said that because I had no evidence that nothing could be done about it. I then said that it should be in the server logs if I received this message. Shortly after Rail Breaker gave me the name mosapotyis and said that he had access to the server logs.

    My opinion on it?
    I would like to know if anything could be done about this and if it can and the reader doesn't believe me that you check the server logs. I don't completely expect the legendary to be given to me, however, I don't understand why staff don't at least give players compensation for this glitch occurring to them. This glitch is apart of the game or server and something that wasn't in my control. However, apparently this is caused by people spamming their poke balls onto a legendary which could make sense considering I was in battle prior to the other individual capturing it. Therefore, wouldn't this mean that I was unable to catch a legendary due to a player exploiting a glitch? Even if I am not compensated on this I would like to see it fixed to save other people from experiencing the same glitch as me. I am sure that the staff is however already completely aware of this issue already.
    I unfortunately have no proof of this, however, I ask that the server logs are checked to show that I received this message.

    Thank you for reading staff,
    Hawker04 -
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  2. Mosapotayis

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    Hello Hawker, this is an unfortunate glitch in Pixelmon that happens sometimes. It's not a glitch directly related to the vote party, the glitch is that two players are sometimes able to start a battle against a single Pokémon if they start the battle at the same time. It's a rare occurence as players don't often try to catch the same Pokémon, unless it's vote party, that's why we see this glitch only during vote parties.

    I definitely believe your story as I have seen this happen in the past. However I'm afraid I can't give you any sort of compensation for this, as only one legendary is supposed to be given out per vote party. Although it's very unlikely this will happen again in the future, I recommend you to try to catch your vote party Pokémon right away as you enter battle with it
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  3. Hawker04

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    I didn't say that the compensation should be the Pokémon itself, however, I believe that when this happens that people should be give something so they aren't mad that their poke got taken because of a glitch.
  4. Mosapotayis

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    Unfortunately there is no way for me to verify whether someone is being honest about it or not, otherwise I'd probably give something as a small compensation. Not saying that you're being dishonest, it's just that if I were to give you a compensation it wouldn't be right to deny anyone in the future of getting the same treatment even though they might not be telling the truth. Hope you understand

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