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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Whisker, May 19, 2018.

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  1. Whisker

    Whisker New Member

    In-Game Name: XxWhiskerxX
    Server: Kanto
    Date of Ban: 05/19/18
    Who you were banned by: Unknown
    Reason of Ban: Exploiting Glitch
    Why you should be unbanned: In Kanto, the ghosttower spawners were giving me items, I decided to farm them. I asked a champion on the server, (one who I thought I could trust) if I wasn't allowed to do so, they said no. They continued to ask questions, I gave them honest answers, I assume they told the staff, which I should have in the first place, but they told me I could so I didn't bother. Anyways I was banned shortly after that. It's my fault for trusting somebody and not reporting the bug. I understand if my appeal isn't accepted as it was my fault in the end. Thank you and have a good day
  2. Rumba1313

    Rumba1313 Kanto Manager Staff Member Manager

    Let this be a good learning lesson for you; rewards are given to those who report bugs and those who exploit them are punished. It's all for the benefit of the server.

    Appeal approved.

    Rumba ~
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