Survival World Seed?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by FriedChowMien, Mar 4, 2018.

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  1. FriedChowMien

    FriedChowMien New Member

    Heyo! I would just like to request the seed for the world to be released :3. It would make it sooooo much easier to find slime chunks.
  2. LeafyWrath

    LeafyWrath Survival Mod Staff Member Moderator

    That is one of the reasons why is the seed not available for the people.
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  3. BuckeyeFTW

    BuckeyeFTW Survival Meme Enthusiast. Staff Member Manager

    We will NOT be releasing the seed to our survival world.
    We would like everyone to have a vanilla experience on the server that is fair to everyone. By releasing the seed we would be letting players use cheats to locate ores, strongholds, mine shafts and as it was mentioned slime chunks.
    There is no difference between cheating on the server, and cheating on your single player world.

    Thread Locked!
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