Survival Why is survival always this dead?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rhys_Sanguine, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Rhys_Sanguine

    Rhys_Sanguine New Member

    I joined yesterday, looking for a server to play survival with some people. I saw that there was a website with forums, which is what my last server had. I was so pumped, I signed up on the forums, joined the discord, installed all the modpacks for pixelmon (which i have never played before) and have come to find out that the survival is dead after a couple hours on the server.

    So I suppose my question is, what gives? I get that vanilla survival can be boring, but come on.
  2. Frosty

    Frosty Member

    The main reason being may be because Journey is advertised as a pixelmon server mostly, so people mainly join to purposely play on the pixelmon servers, that's just my theory though :)
  3. Rhys_Sanguine

    Rhys_Sanguine New Member

    That sounds about right. I searched for survival servers on some website and this one was on the second page, I think. I saw that you had a forum and I was sold at that point. I kinda overlooked the pixelmon part and thought I could do what I set out to do and get into the pixelmon part later, but it's been dead both times that I played, so I might just have to find a new server, sadly. I'll give it a couple weeks though. Hopefully I can find someone to gang gang with.
  4. Winglet

    Winglet Priest of Lord Kyuubi|Survival's local Fox

    Apart from the being pixelmon part, the survival server hasn't had a season reset for well over a year. Which is something most players are waiting for. The 1.13 update. This is something we want to do as soon as possible. It just has been taking time.

    Thank You for showing interest in survival though :D
    I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless
  5. Rhys_Sanguine

    Rhys_Sanguine New Member

    I suppose I can wait for this reset too, no sense in building my little base if it'll all go to waste. Thanks for shedding some light on it though.

    btw Ninetales is my fav too <3
  6. Winglet

    Winglet Priest of Lord Kyuubi|Survival's local Fox

    :OOOO Ninetales is AMAZING! Also just build a base claim it and you can take the base (Minus your items) With you for the reset
  7. ubergine

    ubergine New Member

    There were a bunch of us playing Survival a few months ago, but I’ve become too busy lately to play at all and most people were waiting for the server to reset. I’ve found that 1.13 runs very badly on my laptop so am not really likely to come back anyway. In general I like this server for survival though, found it has the right balance of features.

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