What is a Pokemon?

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  1. A Pokémon is a friend, That will help you through the end, In your times of trouble, They will help again and again, You think you are training them, But they are really training you, At the end of your adventure, You think of all you been through, When its time to say goodbye, Please don't shed a tear, Think of when you first got them, All those times upon the year, But now its time to go away, With the next Adventure waiting for you, You may have to leave your friend, But your bond is always clear, Goodbye for now my friend, Until I come back again.

    Hope you enjoyed that little poem~~
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  2. Oreo

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    beautiful ^^
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    you mean Pokémon
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    Some people do not have keyboards which allow them to type letters with accents.
    I like it very much <3
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    Aww this is beautiful

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