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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Dippinq, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Dippinq

    Dippinq New Member

    IGN: Dippinq
    Server: Network (Cant even log into hub)
    Date of ban: Sometime in march?
    Who were you banned by: BIA_Ravenoffaith
    Reason of ban: Not sure, Maybe related to teamspeak incident
    I dont really want to play on the server like I said in my last appeal. I more just want to see my old homes and my items / boxes. I also want to see how the servers look now. Also I believe I shouldnt be network banned off the MC server for a TS related incident. Thanks
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  2. RandomDirt

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    The name that you have provided us does not currently show up as a registered name that has logged into our servers.

    Whether or not you think your incident should be related to a MC ban is not up to your digression. I suggest trying to be more polite in the future if any more appeals are to be made.

  3. BIA_Ravenoffaith

    BIA_Ravenoffaith Owl and Demons Daddy :3 Staff Member Manager

    Dealt with, Addressed in TS.

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