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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by ShaductorMPX, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. ShaductorMPX

    ShaductorMPX New Member

    So I'm trying to either play the Sinnoh Region or Hoenn Region. I've already got Pixelmon Reforged, it's on 1.12.2 but when I load into the region I pick my Pokemon and then immediately times me out and I go back to the main hub? Anyone know how I can fix this?
  2. _Brokencrystal_

    _Brokencrystal_ Ex-Mod/Omni Sub

    Heard of many time-out issues connecting to a specific region, usually your connection to the server s weak (so your internet) or in my case on Hoenn I had to be tped out of spawn by a higher-up.
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  3. Mosapotayis

    Mosapotayis Johto Manager Staff Member Manager

    Hey Shadow, I've teleported you to a different location on both Sinnoh and Hoenn. Try logging on and see if you're still not able to load in fully.

    Sometimes the download of the mod can be corrupted. I recently helped a player with this same exact issue and completely reinstalling the mod made it work for him again so I'd suggest trying that. If that doesn't work either then you should try using the technic launcher, if you're already using it then try using the Minecraft launcher instead with forge and reforged manually downloaded.
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  4. ShaductorMPX

    ShaductorMPX New Member

    It works! Thank you
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