Valentine's Week Sale and Love Keys & Grams!

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    20% Valentine's Day Sale and Love Keys & Grams!


    Happy Valentine's Day! For the next week 2 weeks we will be having a 20% Valentine's Day Sale! Everything in the shop will have a discount excluding event items. Our Love Keys and Love Grams wills also be returning to the shop! Our Love keys include all cute and pink/red shiny pokemon! This crate has Lovely Auras, as well as several Legends and Ranks!

    Our Love Grams are also back! Do you want to gift a friend or a special someone a Love Key but don't want them to know it was from you? Well now you can send them a Love Key along with other items: 12 LoveBalls, 12 Rare Candies, 12 Red Roses, and a Heart Mail that says "Happy Valentine's Day!" As mentioned, all Love Grams are sent anonymously, so you won't know who you are getting a Love Gram from! PLEASE MAKE SURE that if you buy a love key for a friend that plays on another server, that you buy the key on the server they play on! Example: You play on Sinnoh but your friend plays on Hoenn, purchase the key from the Hoenn Shop! Another Note, you BOTH must be online to send a Love Gram! Don't worry, they won't know its from you :) We have a lot of things coming up soon on the network, so please stay tuned for more announcements and such here on the website!

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