Update to 5.0.1

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    Update to 5.0.1

    With the release of Pixelmon 5.0.1 Official, all the remaining 5.0.0 servers, (Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh) will be updating sometime today! Make sure you have Pixelmon 5.0.1 mod downloaded and prepared for then! If you already have 5.0.0 installed, all your other mods will work fine! All you need to do is change the pixelmon mod.
    If you need help upgrading or installing Pixelmon 5.0.1 Please Look at the following:
    Video Guide
    Written Guide

    If you know how to Upgrade, here are the direct download links:
    Pixelmon Mod
    Pixelmon Launcher

    Any other questions or uncertainties that you may have, please post in the comments below or ask on the server! Everyone will be able to help you. We want to make sure everyone understands what will occur.
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  2. AbsolGasai

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    so: might i ask if there's a date for the 5.0.2. journeygaming update, and if so ~ what is it?
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    Hoenn at least will be updated by the end of today, the 22nd of March, if everything goes as it should. That may or may not be your night time on the 23rd, depending partially on where you live and partially how many things Future will have to sort out.
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