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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by xXGOD01Xx, Aug 22, 2018.

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  1. xXGOD01Xx

    xXGOD01Xx Ex Hoenn Staff

    Name: Gawdddd
    Server: Originally Hoenn, now network and Discord
    Date of Ban: Hoenn- about a month ago, network and discord today
    Who were you banned by: Future and lav (im guessing)
    Why you should be unbanned: Some might say my bans were justified by my actions, many others say i barely did anything wrong and got no warnings before my bans. On my original ban i saw a little bit where i went wrong i was having fun on the server and the mods (and i guess the admins at the time) didnt like me having fun. I know that a couple of occasions i went a little bit too far but in my days as staff ive seen plenty of players do far worse and not be banned, and after talking a bit with future and lav me being admin should mean i should know better, however i dont believe i should be judged and treated by my history as staff from time to time when it suits the server staff. If you guys want to treat me like a guy who just joined the server go ahead just dont then choose to treat me like i should know better when it suits you. If i was doing something wrong on the server the closest thing i got to a stop or a warning was a "god pls" or "god why" which never felt like a warning because from my days as staff i knew when the person that said that to me was never serious about it so i never knew if it was a joke or not.
    So moving past my hoenn ban, we come to today when i get banned on discord and the network. i was messing around with a friend from when i was staff about our ascended tags bc we were both admin at one point so we had cool tags. i joked about his being gone, only to realise mine was gone too. i joked around about why it was gone and then stop talking for a bit while other people were talking only to turn to discord to see my ban. Turns out i got banned for jokingly calling future a "dbag". and this is "staff disrespect" according to him. so yea the flimsy bans continue, i go to log onto johto to see if any of my friends are on and turns out im network banned for no reason. its honestly starting to feel like people abusing there powers.

    Honestly i dont really expect this appeal to be accepted but hey ill give anyone reading some help/advice. Starting off with the network as a whole, if you wanna back someone for banning me for flimsy reasoning or for minor issues go ahead its not gonna help you at all its probably gonna lead to a decline in popularity pretty quickly. and before you say it was a major issue that led to the ban ive spoken to multiple staff members across a few servers who have said it wasnt anything crazy bad. and my attitude well that comes down to getting irritated by this kind of stuff that just gets really annoying for no reason. as a final thing for any players or staff reading this do you really want to back and play on a server that bans people for minor issues than go ahead that just shows what kind of a person you are, and ill be honest no one likes "that guy"
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  2. Lavster

    Lavster The Wild Snorlax Staff Member Manager

    This has been resolved privately on the date of the initial ban, thank you for appealing but unfortunately this ban appeal is rejected, have a good day. :)

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