Johto umm heya i guess

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  1. TheLittlei

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    hOi im teMmIE
    jk im TheLittlei or Lit as most people call me
    im a jim skrub on johto that doesnt know how to fite digimons
    i also like to mess around and make some memes and undertale references (as you see right at the top there)
    my fav mon competitively is definitely krookodile, but my fav for looks is gallade.

    i also like battles that only wiggle your finger too, so pm me if you wanna have a absolutely pure one hundred percent competitive battle on sd.

    remember to wear your seatbelt
  2. Winglet

    Winglet [Retired ]Survival Mod|Priest of Lord Kyuubi

    theodd1sout fan too?
  3. Gamingskeleton3

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  4. Winglet

    Winglet [Retired ]Survival Mod|Priest of Lord Kyuubi

  5. Porytune

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    #boycottchipotlebecausetheydidnthirejameslike5yearsago :D
  6. BaconPuns

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    Jaiden > James :mad: jk James' good too #boycottchipotlebecausetheydidnthirejameslike5yearsago

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