Journey [Tutorial] Legenadries and their spawn locations

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  1. Hello
    When I play, I take notes - and Ive made a collection of legendaries' spawnlocations, which I thought you might be interested in So here it is!
    Pokemon Type Level Spawn Location Time
    Articuno Ice/Flying 70 Cold Taiga
    Ice Mountains
    Ice Plains
    Ice Plains Spikes -
    Zapdos Electric/Flying 70 Savanna
    Savanna M
    Savanna Plateau -
    Moltres Fire/Flying 70 Mesa Plateau
    Mesa Plateau F
    Mesa Plateau F M
    Mesa Plateau M -
    Mewtwo Psychic 70 - -
    Mew Psichic 50 Jungle Hills
    Jungle M Day
    Raikou Electric 70 Savanna Dawn/Dusk
    Suicune Water 70 Beach Night
    Entei Fire 70 Extreme Hills M Day
    Lugia Flying/Psychic 70 Deep Ocean Night
    Ho-Oh Fire/Flying 70 Mesa (Bryce) Day
    Celebi Grass/Psychic 70 Flower Forest Day/Night/Dawn/Dusk
    Regirock Rock 40 Mesa Plateau M Day
    Regice Ice 40 Ice Mountains Night
    Registeel Steel 40 Mesa (Bryce) Dawn/Dusk
    Regigigas Normal 70 Cold Taiga M Dawn/Dusk
    Latias Psychic/Dragon 70 Deep Ocean/Ocean Day
    Latios Psychic/Dragon 70 Deep Ocean/Ocean Dawn/Dusk
    Kyorgre Water 70 Deep Icean Night
    Groudon Ground 70 Desert Hills Day
    Rayquaza Dragon/Flying 70 Sunflower Plains Dawn/Dusk
    Jirachi Steel/Psychic 70 Extreme Hills+ M Dawn/Dusk
    Deoxys Psychic 70 Cold Taiga M Night
    Uxie Psychic 50 River Day
    Mesprit Psychic 50 River Dawn/Dusk
    Azelf Psychic 50 River Night
    Heatran Fire/Steel 50 Mesa Plateau M Dawn/Dusk
    Arceus Normal Unknown Mega Taiga Hills Day
    Darkrai Dark Unknown Swampland M Night
    Dialga Steel/Dragon 70 Extreme Hills+ M Day
    Diancie Rock/Fairy Unknown Extreme Hills+ Day
    Plakia Water/Dragon Unknown Extreme Hills M Day
    Giratina Ghost/Dragon Unknown Roofed Forest M Night
    Manaphy Water 70 Deep Ocean Day
    Phione Water 70 Ocean Day
    Meloetta Normal/Psychic 70 Extreme Hills/River Night
    Shaymin Grass Unknown Flower Forest Day
    Shaymin SKY Unknown Unknown Flower Forest Day
    Zekrom Dragon/Electric Unknown Roofed Forest M Day
    Virizion Grass/Fighting 45 Sunflower Plains Day
    Tornadus Flying Unknown Savanna Day
    Thundurus Flying/Electric Unknown Savanna M Night
    Landorus Ground/Flying Unknown Mesa Plateau Day/Night/Dawn/Dusk
    Keldeo Water/Fighting 50 River Dawn/Dusk
    Genesect Bug/Steel Unknown Extreme Hills+ Night
    Xerneas Fairy 70 Flower Forest Day
    Yveltal Dark/Flying Unknown Savanna Plateau Day
    Zygarde - NOT IN THE GAME YET Dragon/ground - - -
    Hoopa Ghost/Psychic 70 Desert Hills/Desert Day
    Volcanion Fire/Water 70 Mesa/Mesa Plateau Day
    Tapu Koko Electric/Fairy Unknown Jungle Night
    Tapu Lele Psychic/Fairy Unknown Jungle Night
    Tapu Bulu Grass/Fairy Unknown Jungle Night
    Tapu Fini Water/Fairy Unknown Jungle Night
    Cosmog - NOT IN THE GAME YET Psychic - - -
    Cosmoem - NOT IN THE GAME YET Psychic - - -
    Solgaleo - NOT IN THE GAME YET Psychic/Steel - - -
    Lunala - NOT IN THE GAME YET Psychic/Ghost - - -
    Magearna Steel/fairy 70 Flower Forest Night
    Marshadow - NOT IN THE GAME YET Fighting/Ghost - - -
    Necrozma Psychic Unknown Exreme Hills M/Extreme Hills+ Night

    Voteparty Legend spawn /spawn
    Legend from. Voteparty IS spawn only in spawn random

    Do you have some of the missing information? Please let me know, so I can add it! Everything added after the official Pixelmon mod stopped development is information Ive gained from playing myself,

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    I've got a couple things to add.
    Shaymin spawns at level 2 for Reforged, I caught one on Hoenn a while back.
    The legendary bird trio doesn't spawn in the wild, it's from shrines, unless that was changed from 1.10.2 -> 1.12.2.
    Some of this only applies to Generations and not Reforged. Reforged does not have any generation 7 Pokemon, so you may want to mark out what's for Kanto/Johto and what's for Hoenn/Sinnoh.
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