Survival Trader rebalancing to solve various issues

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    Hi there, I'm enjoying playing on the vanilla survival server. The current blend of systems seems to work in a fun way.

    Things that I think work well /are fun:
    earning claim blocks from achievements
    jobs, McMMO, leveling
    the "black market" trader
    the ranks and the abilities they unlock seem to work well, but you also have enough to do without ranks so you don't have to bother with the ranking system if you don't wish to, or can put it off. I spent all my money on claim blocks and some things from the marketplace for a fair while until I started ranking up.

    Things that are worth improving:
    The Trader.
    slime spawns
    Player shops that are serving no purpose

    Main thing I want to talk about is the Trader, the one that isn't the "black market" one.

    Currently, you can only use it to trade stuff for really terrible deals. eg, a 64 stack of rotten flesh for one porkchop or similiar. There aren't any trades on it that are worth using, in comparison to, say, trading it to the Black Market or to a villager. It's WAY harder to get three diamond horse armor than it is to get a diamond! One diamond horse armour should trade for three diamonds, not the other way around!

    I can't imagine anyone uses the Trader with its current deals. I used it once to get rid of some beetroot seeds but it isn't worth the effort really.

    There's an opportunity to make it super good and fun though, just by adjusting the economy of the trades and what you get, and potentially solve some other issues with the server.

    For examples, I've noticed that it's often extremely difficult to get slimes to spawn. I think there might be something mucking with the spawn rates of all mobs on occasions - but I've spent a fair bit of time in swamps and seen no slimes most nights. I played on the serve for a couple weeks before I could even confirm slimes exist on it.

    You could use the Trader for people to swap junk items for slimeballs and other materials that may be pointlessly rare or non-renewable, or even just useful. eg, lilypads, clay balls, saplings, dead bushes, cobwebs, stuff people might want to use for decorating. (by "pointlessly rare" I mean, items that aren't diamonds etc but have been rendered rare by a bug or flaw, like slimeballs, podzol, some flowers etc. There's no point to them being rare.)

    If you were able to have that second trader on rotating deals, like you have with the black market, there could be real excitement when they are offering something a person needs, eg "OMG! The trader is offering slimeballs for beetroot seeds again! GO GO GO!"

    The other thing you could do with the trader is offer banners. eg, people might be more interested in trading one diamond horse armour in for a cool banner than three-for-one-diamond. Because banners can be copied, the designs could also be on rotation like the black market.

    The last idea I had was to have that trader offer, instead of terrible deals for a whole stack of something, the trader offers nothing but "junk lottery" keys, in the same way you have Vote keys or Uber keys. Except the prizes that Junk keys can get are a random assortment of the items I've been talking about and other semi-useful items, eg - slime balls, clay balls, gold nuggets, iron nuggets, an emerald (top prize!), gold tools and armour, etc. I'll post a full list of things I'd personally put in such a "junk lottery" chest.

    Slime Balls
    Clay Balls
    Lily Pad
    Gold Nugget
    Iron Nugget
    An emerald
    Dead bush
    ink sac
    packed ice

    Hope these ideas interest you.
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    Just an additional note. I've had another look at the trader and the ability to trade one glass bottle (from witches I guess) for one glass block, and one poison potato for a potato, are pretty good and useful deals.

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