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    In-Game Name: TheColdoor
    Server: Journey + Discord
    Date of Ban: July 28th 2019
    Who you were banned by: OW_Maggie for Network, no idea for Discord.
    Reason of Ban: "None supplied banned by OW_Maggie"
    Why you should be unbanned: Hello hello to whoever might read this!
    I am making this ban appeal to plead my case. Even tho I was not given a reason as to why I have been banned, it was fairly easy for me to figure out the reasoning behind it and I can completely understand that you wanted to make sure that everyone who got in contact with Winglet's doing would be banned off the server. As of what lead to this, lemme explain the line of events in sight of what happened.

    Sunday, at around 12:30-1:00PM, as I had nothing to do and just woke up, I decided to go on Journey to go play with some of my friends that I have on here. I look at the tab on the right and see that Skyblock has a population of 6, which I haven't seen in a while! So I decided to take a look at it and it is completely destroyed. Griefed from all parts. Everyone on the server at that moment had an Owner rank. I was given the Owner rank too as soon as I joined. I didn't understand much of what was happening when I joined. I can absolutely guarantee you that I did not grief anything nor use the power that was bestowed upon me. The only thing that I did was when I talked with Skilly1996 about it I teleported him or someone else so they would stop falling and then removed all permissions that I was given. Everything went down from that point.

    I can completely understand you guys' point of view in banning me as I was around when all of this happened, but I can assure you that I am not affiliated with Winglet in any way. All I'm asking is to be unbanned so I can be able to play with my friends that have been asking me to play with them on Journey. I know some of them were very excited to see me back after I left. I have spent so much time on this server. I do not see the necessity of me ruining all those years by griefing a server I've always appreciated and that I've invested myself so much on! I have many friends that I really appreciate that I keep contact with through this server, I really do not want to lose those friendships due to being affiliated to something like this.

    You may wonder "Why appeal 2 days after you have been banned?". The answer is quite simple actually! I was trying to figure out the reasoning behind all of it and was awaiting the answer of someone but never got it, so I decided to do an appeal.

    Thank you for your time and in hopes of an answer!


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