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  1. EnderPika2497

    EnderPika2497 Vicious Pikachu of Kanto

    Hai guys! I'm a little late to the introducting party! But hey, that's okay! B/c I'm finally here. x3

    I'm EnderPika2497 (ign wise). However if you go on Kanto, I tend to always have a nickname on. In the past it has been TeamAquaLily, PlasmaLily (some color combinations i can't remember) , MysticLily, ShinyLilyeon, Slythereon or basically anything revolving whatever I am obsessed with at the time. Well you get the drift. (*kyogre noises*). I have a lowkey obsession with Farfetch'd aka WildDuckGreenOnion.

    Anyways with my name outta the way, I've been Staff on Kanto since June 8th, 2016 when I got Helper. Then I was promoted to Mod on October 15, 2016 I believe. I spend a majority of my time there, but occasionally I'll jump on Hoenn and talk to my friends there. I'm mainly active between the hours of 8pm-12pm CST (yes, I know. Messed up sleep schedule. x3) and then for college days, my activity is more sporatic to any time within the 24 hour day.

    My favorite pokemon is Umbreon. The next two favorites following close behind is Suicune and Bulbasaur. I absolutely despise Emolga due to Pokemon Conquest.

    I've been a fan of Pokemon since I was the age of 3.
    To me, Pokemon is life.

    (The photo is a recent photo that I took after I was disguised as a Shiny Umbreon. I was extremely happy and I will always cherish this memory.)
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  2. Lavster

    Lavster The Wild Snorlax

    Pokemon Conquest is such a good game though ;-; Its been ages since I've played it and I miss it so much XD

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