Hoenn The Hoenn Purge

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by NikoTheTreecko, Apr 17, 2019.

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    Very simple, once a year we hold a "Purge" of sorts. Not like the actual movies where all rules get broken, but on this day you can find the location of every player and track em down and kill em for rewards. When you log into the server on PURGE day, you will be given a warning that if you die, you will be given a week ban(incentive for not just yoloing it and killing urself), and there will be a combat log to prevent shenanigans. If you kill people, you could get something like 1 champ key a kill with stuff like a legend key every 5 and other rewards at big milestones. This could help unify the community with people making "Gangs" to have a better chance(However people who just join might have a bad time), however this could also spark some cool drama stuff with people being back stabbed by their gang. I really think we should consider the introduction of Hoenn purge because it would be a fun unique event to have once a year.

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