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  1. The_Pyro_Fox

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    What is this?: Hello! This is the Artist Corner, a place for people who love to draw, (like me!) can post their art that they are working on or have finished.

    Rules: This is a judge-free zone, where we can critique each others art. Please no hateful comments, only compliments and kind tips. Please don't take credit for other people's art, only your own. Please keep it PG!

    Honestly, I think it's perfectly fine to look at other people's art and draw it, because your practicing, not copying.

    Make sure it's signed so you have proof it's yours!!! :)

    Optional: You can put what media your picture was in.

    Well, I hope we have fun looking at each others art, and I'll begin!
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  2. The_Pyro_Fox

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    Chibi Symmertra - Graphite IMG_5298.jpg
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  3. The_Pyro_Fox

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    I will be making after this one
  4. PullpettiX_

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    oh wow!
    with my art compared to that i'm like :-:
    well anyway you are a very good drawer i can tell all i have drawn, is some pokemons lol , and they don't even look that good!
    Welp if you want to see it you can go to events section and the i think the talent show or smth i can't remember but my art was posted there .
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  5. The_Pyro_Fox

    The_Pyro_Fox Member

    Thank you! And if you want to get better, you can look up some art and draw it to practice. Heck, I do that all the time. And don't ever bash your own art because it's unique and different :D
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  6. _Brokencrystal_

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    ^Choice Scarf Thunder Bidoof. You may blame MegaFinalize, who made a rain team around it.
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  7. The_Pyro_Fox

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    Oh how cute!
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  9. The_Pyro_Fox

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    Your welcome, anytime :D
  10. The_Pyro_Fox

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    Sorry about the lack of posts, school is KILLING me.
  11. zLightningz

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    (Computer/typing art. Deal with it)
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  13. The_Pyro_Fox

    The_Pyro_Fox Member

    I have drawn a dragon, and I cant take a freaking picture ;-;
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  15. The_Pyro_Fox

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  17. The_Pyro_Fox

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    Ok. I know it's been a LONGGGGGGG time,

    But.. I'm bringing it back with some more art. Please post some you guys!

    A lil' teaser of my recent art. This is a graphite of my dear friend UpwindThrone.

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  18. Skylom

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    Looking good =D

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