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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by I_Am_Fireman, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. I_Am_Fireman

    I_Am_Fireman New Member

    In-Game Name: Firefrog (Teamspeak Name : Kormit)
    Server: Teamspeak (Survival)
    Date of Ban: 11/6/2017
    Who you were banned by: Unknown
    Reason of Ban: Constant Trolling and harassing players/ staff
    Why you should be unbanned: at time of Ban was given no warning of Ban/punishment, I do not believe I was doing anything wrong, and if I was, nobody pointed anything out to me or asked me to change anything. I am not saying that every punishment I have received has been unjust, however I have always accepted and waited out each punishment, while this most recent one has come from nothing.

    (Remaking a new dispute because I do not have perms to add my Teamspeak name onto my last one)
  2. Maggie

    Maggie Owner Staff Member Owner

    Alright, you have been unbanned. Please note that this will be your last chance, as the first time was for trolling another player. If I see or hear that this happens again you will be banned permanently

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