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    In-game name: TBugge
    : I'm Johtoian
    Staff Position (if applicable): My staff position atm is Omni-Sub and Helper
    Favorite Pokemon (if applicable): My favorite pokemon is Litten
    About me: I'm turning 15 in 17 days (14th of may). I like to ride longboards and drive boats (also play Pixelmon too ofc). Favorite food... hmm I really like Fish and Tacos so uhh Fish Tacos I guess. Everyone calls me TBug and uhh Broadcast never spells my name right. It's TBugge not Tbugge. Also my name is... you'll never know.:D:mad:o_O:oops::rolleyes::);):confused::(:cool::p ohh almost forgot, My favorite Band/Duo is Twenty One Pilots!

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