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    First off, I'd like to make it crystal clear that I'm not advertising or endorsing any servers in any way, neither do i have a relation to them. I'm purely using them as examples to further improve the clarity of my explanation. I encourage the reader to check out the suggested server if they feel as though they need a clearer understanding of my explanation in the form of a physical example or if the explanation was insufficient. The purpose of crediting outsources is to not to deter anybody from "JourneyGaming" but to purely further the clarity of the explanation of this post.

    Now, I'm sure that there are plenty of people on the server that have completed most of what the Servers have to currently offer like myself (i.e Gyms). Most of what's left to do nowadays is to breed Pokemon and part-take in the ever expanding list of events!
    But personally I feel as though the allure of playing on the servers slowly fades once a player has completed more-or-less what the server has to offer.
    My suggestion; (Inspiration taken from Kandorus-Advanced Technic Pack) is that there be something like a story mode implemented into all servers. However I feel that Sinnoh can potentially be the "Guinea Pig" in this implementation.

    The Core mod required for this implementation; (CustomNPCs) allows NPCs to have long texts that allow the player to choose from several pre-determined answers to further the conversation. This also allows the possibility for the player to accept quests pre-determined by an Administrator.

    Now that I've explained what the Core mod does; I'd like to explain how it can be implemented to improve the variety of the Servers. When you play a game, you can determine how good it is by many things. Graphics, Gameplay, Mechanics etc. however, what really draws most people in for a game? A story. A good one at that.
    Minecraft and Pixelmon both have the aesthetic and mechanics down that create a game with infinite replay-ability but what it lacks is a good story to keep players interested and wanting to come back for more.
    Even in the normal Pokemon games, the story is always great. Though somewhat childish at times, it embeds the basic plot into your memory.

    The concept will not take away anything from the current servers but rather add the option to begin playing the story from any point in time. The story has not yet been created, but with the help of JourneyGaming and it's staff, I'm sure that we can create one that will be enjoyable and expandable for as long as the server lives on.

    Note that quests and dialogue will be an essential part of this system such as having to obtain a certain amount of a specific item, defeating a certain amount of Pokemon or defeating certain trainers/NPCs created by staff in order to progress with the story.

    One thing I would recommend however is that if this system were to be implemented, that there be a certain area of the server dedicated to a custom town/s that cater to the story. An example would be that if the story was based on the original Diamond/Pearl/Platinum game (Sinnoh), there would be a map World-Edited into the server that resembles Sinnoh; following the plotline of the said games.

    I would like to participate in the creating of this system if possible thru the programming of NPCs, Building the area as well as in the creation of the story line.
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    I agree with Seankaiser1.
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    This was half a year ago, @WadFam.
    I believe we had a somewhat more quests/adventure mode oriented server in PixelGO, didn't play it that much, but it was shut down due to lack of players.
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    Oh, I didn't know, sorry to bother.

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