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  1. Who : Winglet
    Reason :
    Staff Abuse
    Instagram is nôt server so it is not against the rules
    it is not against the rules in discord

    server is minecraft server
    Ip Server
    screen :

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  2. Rules

    Server Rules
    1.) Do not use and mods or hacked clients that give you an unfair advantage.
    2.) No Advertising other servers
    3.) Respect all players and use appropriate language- Keep it PG
    4.) Do not use Alternative accounts for keys
    5.) Do not beg other players or staff for items or money
    6.) Do not grief or spam other players
    7.) Speak English in the Main Chat! (You may talk to others in your preferred language through private message)

    Discord Rules
    1.) Use the appropriate lobbies for your discussions.
    2.) The Discord is 18+ and swearing is allowed. However, racism, sexism, pornography, derogatory terminology, or disturbing imagery is banned.
    3.) Do not spam any of the lobbies or use excessive typing quirks.
    4.) Do not ban evade.
    5.) Do not advertise other servers.
    6.) Use English only in the chats.
    7.) Don't @ mention the staff unless it is absolutely urgent.
    8.) Keep your name and icon appropriate. Inappropriate names will be forced changed, and icons will be kicked.
    9.) Before asking questions in #customer_service make sure to check out #faq
    10.) Do not discuss or post links to staff apps to ban appeal.

    Teamspeak Rules
    1.) No Advertising any other servers
    2.) Your teamspeak name must be appropriate
    3.) Do not impersonate Staff Members.
    4.) Do not spam or post links to phishing sites in chat or through private messages
    5.) Harassment, bullying, trolling and threats, are NOT Tolerated
    6.) Do not talk over each other or purposely annoy other players.
    7.) Do not spam join lobbies.
    8.) No use of voice changers or Music Bots (unless permitted).
    9.) Ask permission before recording another player.
    10.) The Teamspeak is 18+ and swearing is allowed. However racism, sexism, pornography, derogatory terminology, or disturbing/lewd imagery is banned.
    11.) Staff Only - Do not abuse your powers (moving players without their permission, muting/kicking for no reason, joining a private lobby that is at capacity, etc).

    ok where see No Advertising any other Websites ?
    im not see
  3. Kilikina

    Kilikina Kili ~ Survival Manager and Builder

    Hello Killer,
    Advertising your Instagram isn't against the rules as it is your own personal information, but it is HIGHLY discouraged because this is the internet after all and it's a safety issue giving strangers personal information.

    As to Winglet, this isn't so much staff abuse as it is staff misinterpretation. He was trying to do his job and make sure advertising wasn't happening. After looking at the screenshots that both of you shared with me, I still feel comfortable saying this isn't a case of staff abuse. I have, however, corrected him on the rule and informed him that as long as the link isn't to another server's social media, it's not against the rules.

    I'm sorry that this has upset you greatly. If there's anything else I can do to help, please let me know!
  4. Tnx fór you time


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