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    As was posted in the news update by our lovely Maggie, Skyblock is receiving a revamp that has been in the works for several months. Release is Sunday, 8/13.

    Major Changes Include: Server is currently on USkyblock, Server will be changing to ASkyblock

    Update to 1.12

    Minions are going to be taking a small vacation, BUT will definitely return once they're done visiting our Lead Developer.

    A Full Event List and Plethora of plugins to allow players to make themselves stand out in a more unique fashion

    Other Details: If you have won a rank through a chest, you will lose it, HOWEVER, if you have purchased a rank or keys you will be receiving them back

    There is a reason to keep playing- The first five pages of /Is Top will be receiving Veterans Reward. These rewards will range anywhere from a few iron bars, to spawners and keys. Work Hard! You Only Have A Few Days!

    Whats To Come: Minions will return with a rework

    Our Single Slot Machine is getting friends. We have plans for added gambling games!

    Reworked PvP Area to allow you to beat your friends into submission

    Collecting Player Heads Will Be Added

    If you have ANY questions please PM me directly or drop a comment in here and I will respond to it in a timely manner. Thank You!​
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    Thanks for informing us :)

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