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    Skyblock and Pixelmon Updates!
    Hello everyone! We have a lot of updates that happened recently on both our SkyBlock Server and a few Pixelmon Servers! Yesterday August the 13th, our SkyBlock Server was down while it underwent through a lot of revamps! It is now open to everyone! Skyblock has also changed their Rank System to fit the Global Rank System we have on our other Vanilla Servers. If you were a player on Skyblock previously, you will get your ranks back as well as the items that come with it! Through out the next few days you will see features being added and bugs being fixed! We hope you enjoy our new and improved SkyBlock!

    On pixelmon, you might have seen that the following servers: Kanto and Sinnoh have updated and switched over to the Technic Pack named Pixelmon Dark. Our network will be listed in the server list on this modpack. With this modpack you will see new pokemon and bug fixes that you might have seen on the previous ModPack. Below will be links to this modpack, and a quick Installation Guide! If you are getting any errors trying to join Kanto or Sinnoh, make sure that you are using this new ModPack! Below is a brief installation guide to installing the modpack. A more in-depth guide will be also posted on the forums, and linked here! We are super excited to be on this modpack and we hope you are too! You will see many new pokemon and features in the updates to come! As always, please report any bugs on our forums so we can get them fixed!

    Handy Links:
    Pixelmon Dark Download:
    Full Installation Guide:

    Installing the ModPack Pixelmon Dark

    If you already have the Technic Launcher downloaded, all you need to is look for the modpack! You will be installing the Mod Pack name "Pixelmon Dark" It will continue to update and downloads Pixelmon for you.
    1. At the top of the Launcher click on the "Modpacks" tab [​IMG]
    2. Right under the "Discover" tab, you will see a bar with "Add Pack or Search" [​IMG]
    3. Click that bar and type in "Pixelmon Dark" [​IMG]
    4. Automatically the ModPack will appear on the right side! You will see it next to a Masterball: Pixelmon Dark Official Pack
    5. At the bottom Left you will see the "Install" button, click that! [​IMG]
    6. The modpack will commence download, depending on your internet speeds, it could take anywhere from 2-15 minutes to download the Pixelmon Mod and install.
    7. Click "Play" at the bottom left to launch Minecraft with pixelmon installed! [​IMG]
    8. When you click on the "Multiplayer" button, all you need to is add the ip ( to our server! Alternatively, once you go into the "Multiplayer List" you should see Journey Gaming on the list!
    That is all you need to do join the servers with the latest modpack!
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  2. plushpuff

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    So with the vanilla ranks, will we still need to rebuy our ranks if we had one in Skyblock and want to upgrade? I had Fenix in Skyblock and was given Champion, but I cant buy Champion to Hero or Legend.
  3. Rumba1313

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    You'll need to contact your manager to assist you with this. Raven should be able to help you! :)

    Rumba ~
  4. jayedoe

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    Will it be possible to hatch legendaries from dittos on the multiplayer server of Pixelmon Dark? I've never been able to change the config for the pixelmon dark modpack before.
  5. TwistedShamrock1006

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    Which version of forge is needed?
  6. Rumba1313

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    You cannot hatch legendaries from dittos. The only ways to get a legendary is to open a crate, donate for one, have one spawn naturally, or a vote party.

    When you use the technic launcher, it does everything automatically so you don't have to worry about which forge version. Be sure to allocate more ram though.

    Rumba ~

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