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    Note: I'm not a mod, admin, helper, or anything like that...


    Welcome to Sinnoh! You might be new to Minecraft, Pixelmon, or to this Server. We'll deal with only the latter two in this guide, as there are more than enough Minecraft guides out there.

    Rules (/rules)

    1. Respect all players - keep it PG
    2. No griefing
    3. No scamming
    4. No asking for free stuff
    5. No hacks of any kind
    6. Apricorn farms must be built underground
    7. No advertising of any kind
    8. Party Hard on Sinnoh
    This list is taken from /rules. An explanation for each of these...

    Respect all players - keep it PG
    If it's likely to get you fired from a job or into trouble in school, don't say it. Don't harrass players. Do not write rude or inappropriate things in chat. PG means no profanity, things related to sex, et cetera. In general, this can also be expanded to politics (keep it PG) because... most young children do not regularly discuss politics unless their parents are extremely politically active. Why are we keeping it PG? Because MC is a PG game, and this server is PG, too.

    No griefing
    This can be avoided in part by land claiming, but... if you somehow figure out how to grief a player, reconsider.

    No scamming
    A scam, in laymen's terms, is saying to a person "I will give you _(A)_ if you give me _(B)_" and not giving them (A). So for example, "I will give you a shiny mew if you give me $50,000" and then not giving them said shiny mew.

    No asking for free stuff

    You're all old enough to know what this is. If you're asking for something in return for nothing, that's asking for free things. Offering in-game currency for something is not asking for free things because you are paying for it... but as a reminder, if you don't have the currency to go through with it, you're scamming!

    No hacks of any kind
    X-ray, block glitching, JourneyMap, PokeRadar, et cetera. I'd include GameShark, but it's blocked on the server already. Anything that gives you an unfair edge up on the game is not allowed!

    Apricorn farms must be built underground
    This reduces lag. Put the apricorn farm underground. Also, as it says on the sign at spawn, 70 apricorns or less!

    No advertising of any kind
    In general this means no advertising other servers or youtube channels, but... yeah, if it's not related to what you have in Sinnoh, don't advertise. Examples:
    • "Selling a paras!" ... this is fine.
    • "Selling a paras on Kanto for money here on Sinnoh!" ... not okay.
    • "Selling a paras on Kanto for money on Kanto!" ... technically not okay.
    • "Come watch my let's play on youtube!" ... most likely not okay.
    • "Check out my etsy shop!" DEFINITELY not okay.
    Party Hard on Sinnoh
    Have fun!


    Unwritten Rules (as of posting this)

    1. Speak English in chat
    2. Don't filter evade
    3. Don't spam
    4. Don't character spam
    5. Don't excessively caps
    6. Don't post links
    7. Don't mention the lag
    8. Take screenshots of all your in-game transcations with other players
    Speak English in chat
    This server is an English-speaking server. The helpers, mods, and staff in general cannot help you or otherwise make sure you are wholly behaving if you're speaking in another language. If you want a server that speaks a language other than English, go find it, but not here!

    Don't filter evade
    You know official rule #1? Yeah. Putting stars in place of profanity or writing "eff" instead of a certain curseword doesn't make you magically immune to rule #1.

    Don't spam
    If you've sent the same message twice in a row in relatively quick succession, you're spamming. It does nothing good for the quality of the server.

    Don't character spam
    It's a visual eye sore; character spam is writing a character (letters of the alphabet, numbers, symbols, punctuation marks, et cetera) more than twice in a row. "gg" = okay ; "gggggggggggg" = not okay

    Don't excessively caps
    • "BUYING IRON BLOCKS" ... no.
    • "buying IRON blocks so MSG ME!" ... not okay.
    • "Buying iron blocks. Send me a message!" ... okay.
    • "Buying Iron Blocks So Msg Me!" ... not sure if this is okay but why in the world would you?

    Don't post links
    Found a cool youtube video? Find a great article on pixelmon? Want to show everyone your personal website?... too bad, don't link in chat.

    Don't mention the lag
    Lag happens. Lots of people play on the server at any given point, usually over 80, if not over 100. On the network? Over 200 at any given point, sometimes as high as 500! It's a lot of stress for a server, a lot of updating chunks. Lag happens. Especially block lag. But do your part to reduce your lag experience:
    • Avoid large and complicated redstone contraptions
    • Try not to use too many hoppers
    • Make sure your internet connection is good
    • Make sure you're using Optifine (which you can get as a PixPack via the pixelmon launcher!) and optimize your settings for your computer
    • Don't have anything else open while you're playing
    • Make sure you've allocated enough RAM
    • Have a half-way decent computer
    Take screenshots of all your in-game transactions with other players
    Remember how you're not supposed to scam people?... that's great, but it's also your job as a player to make sure you protect yourself if you get scammed. Screenshots will help with this. Screenshot before you initiate a trade, during, and after. If you've been scammed, there's now a trail that can be followed if you provide the images to the mods + helpers. No images, no proof.


    I'm sure there's rules I've missed that are unwritten at the moment that a mod might pop in to correct me on.


    Starting Out

    When you start out, you're going to want to find where you want to live and build a place and claim it. So here's what you'll have to do:

    1. /rtp - use the command "/rtp" until you find a place you want to live. This command has a 30 second cooldown, so be patient.
    2. /kit claims - use the command "/kit claims" to get your golden shovel meant for claiming and a book explaining how to claim and how claims work. Read that book. Read it again. Read it a third time. Go claim your land!
    3. /sethome - use this command "/sethome" after you've claimed your land so you can easily return to it from anywhere in Sinnoh with the "/home" command.
    4. /kit list - use the command "/kit list" to see what other kits you have access to
    5. /warp list - use the command "/warp list" to see what warps you can go to, such as specific biomes, EV training, regular training, and more
    6. /vote - use the command "/vote" to get a clickable link to vote and get rewards!
    7. If you see a warning that the server is restarting in 10 minutes, don't access your PC or containers or ranch blocks!


    • How do I breed pokemon? "/kit breeding" will explain it!
    • How do I do land claims? "/kit claims" will explain it!
    • What is EV training? There are a lot of guides about EV training already out there, go google it!
    • How do I go to the wilds? Using "/rtp".
    • Where can I build? On unclaimed land.
    • How do I EV train? There's an area set up in Sinnoh specifically for this: /warp EV
    • What are IVs? Again, there are online guides and books about IVs, google!
    • How do IVs work? See the previous question.
    • Where can I train my Pokemon? "/warp training" has a wide level range of pokemon for you to kill, and "/warp EV" has many Pokemon levels 10 and under.
    • Where can I find this specific Pokemon? Check out the PixelmonMod Wiki. I recommend you check through "/warp list" as there are warps to a few biomes, or use "/rtp" (random teleport) to see if it takes you to that biome.
    • How often does this specific Pokemon I want spawn? Check out the PixelmonMod Wiki and look at the rate of spawn.
    • Does this server have legendary spawns? Yep! Check out the PixelmonMod Wiki for how to make a legendary spawn.
    • Do Pokemon spawn during certain times or during certain lights? Light doesn't matter at this point for spawning Pokemon, but biome and time of day do.
    • How do I find Pokemon in the wild? You can go to one of the special warps or /rtp and wait for 3-10 minutes for Pokemon to spawn in a given chunk (16x16x256)
    • Why aren't Pokemon spawning? It takes a long time, but they do spawn. The reason it takes so long is because the map is large and people are spread out, and the server has to update every single player's chunk... 80 people all spread out? That's 16x16x256x80... also known as 5,242,880 blocks to update, every tick (0.05 seconds). It gets very complicated to explain very quickly, but basically, we're all putting a lot of stress on the server to have it update. tl;dr: they'll spawn but be patient.
    • Do I have to pay real money to win? Nope! Paying money can get you a specific Pokemon without having to go out and look for them, but it won't make you "win" any more or less than if you didn't pay.
    • Do I have to pay real money to get access to commands? Yes, there's a shop for this purpose precisely. But you don't need the commands to play or do well in the game.
    • Do I have to pay real money at all? Nope. But... money makes the server run. Enjoy the server? Consider buying a rank or a crate key or something like that. The server's not cheap to run!
    • Why didn't I get a vote key for voting? Vote keys aren't guaranteed, you might be getting experience, rare candies, or game-money instead!
    • Can I fly/surf? Yes and no. Yes, you can, but your Pokemon MUST know the move and be a mountable Pokemon in order to fly or surf on it.
    • Where can I get TMs? You can buy them in "/warp mall".
    • Where can I get HMs like Fly and Surf? You can buy them off other players, find them from boss drops, get them from leveling up your pokemon (Salamence, for example, learns fly on level up), or buy a pokemon from another player that knows Fly or Surf.
    • Does flying/surfing hatch eggs? Yes, but not very quickly.
    • Do AFK fountains help with hatching eggs? Yes, but not very quickly.
    • How long will my egg take to hatch? In general, around 7,000 steps... for a specific Pokemon, check out their page on the PixelmonMod Wiki.
    • How do I auction my Pokemon? "/pauc <slot> <startingAmount> <increment>" So for example, "/pauc 1 0 100" would mean that the Pokemon in your first slot would be added to the queue (basically a digital waiting line) if the queue's not full for auction, with a starting bid price of $0, and those bidding on your Pokemon will be able to go up a minimum of $100 every time they bid on your Pokemon.
    • How do I bid on a Pokemon? You can either click on the orange price in chat for it, or you can do "/pabid <amount>". Note that if you bid less than the increment, your bid won't count! So if someone's auctioning a Sneasel for $1000 with an increment of $300, "/pabid 1100" won't count... but "/pabid 1300" would!
    • How do I sell my pokemon? If you're looking to just sell your Pokemon, do "/pshout <slot> <amount>"
    • What happens to Pokemon I put for auction or sale if the auction fails, if the server resets, or if I sign out before the sale or auction finishes? The Pokemon in question will go to your party if you're party's not full; if it is, it'll go to your PC.
    • What is Wondertrade and how do I use it? Check the PixelmonMod Wiki.
    • Can shinies and legendaries be put into and gotten from WonderTrade? Yes.
    • How do I craft this specific Pixelmon item? Check the PixelmonMod Wiki.
    • Where do I get items for building or crafting? If they're not in /warp mall, check out the PixelmonMod Wiki to see if they're an item dropped by Pokemon. If they're not in a mall, in the wiki, or an item you can make of crafted items, chances are they're not in Sinnoh - for example, beacons and nether stars (to the best of my knowledge).
    • I have another question about Pixelmon in general... Check the PixelmonMod Wiki first.
    • What if my question isn't listed or answered on this thread or answered by the PixelmonMod Wiki? Ask a helper or a mod, they're there to help you out!
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    As a fellow player I want to thank you for this guide.
    It is pretty thorough and covers all the basics.

    Things I think you should also mention-
    • Where is the best place to level (xp) up my pokemon? /warp training has a wide level range of pokemon for you to kill.
    and edit:
    • Where can I find this specific Pokemon? Check out the PixelmonMod Wiki
    • Where can I find this specific Pokemon? Check out the PixelmonMod Wiki. I recommend you check through the /warp list as there is warps to a few biomes. or use /rtp (random teleport) to see if it takes you to that biome.
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    Thanks, and thanks for the suggestions! They've been modified and added accordingly. Hope you're enjoying Sinnoh!
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    This is very well thought out with a lot of effort put into it, great guide.
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    Awesome Guide. I am going to go ahead and sticky this! Keep it up.
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    • "Selling a paras on Kanto for money here on Sinnoh!" ... not okay.
    • "Selling a paras on Kanto for money on Kanto!" ... technically not okay.

    Both are bannable offences and considered 100% not Ok. Just to clarify
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    Just saying, some of these need to be updated, such as "No Apricorn Farms Above Ground" that can be removed because apricorn planting has been disabled.
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    Great job on this :D Really helped when I was new :D
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    Bravo! Well done! This can definitely help out the new players to the server, and not just on Sinnoh.
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    this helped a lot c;

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