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  1. Hi enough Guys is asking me where to find the Rules for Gym has not been mistaken for me to chat that one
    [/warp GymRules]

    All Gym Leader and Gym-Sub you can Found /warp staff

    Gym List And Gym Caps


    Rock Level Cap : 20
    Grass Level Cap : 30
    Fighting Level Cap : 40
    Water Level Cap : 50
    Ghost Level Cap : 60
    Steel Level Cap : 70
    Ice Level Cap : 80
    Electric Level Cap : 90
    MasterGym [Final T1 gym ] Level Cap : 100


    Baneed Moves :

    OHKO Moves

    Follow me

    Ability Bans :
    Show cloak
    Sand Veild

    Baneed Moces :
    Baton Pass And All Sleep moves Are Baneed

    Temp Bans :

    Move Bans : Destiny Bond

    Alibility bans : Mahnet pull Arena Trap

    All gyms will have 6 pokes always bring a full team !

    1. Do Not exceed the gym cap
    2. held items are not allow
    3. Nicknames are aloowed
    4. Evasion and Accuracy Clause
    5. No moves that only affect the evasion or accuracy stats
    6. Pokemon that aren t obtainable befone the level is baneed
    7. Healing items
    like potions and revives are Baneed
    8. After losing 2 battkes subs can cut you off (resats 12 am )
    9. You must do all of the gyms in order from
    Rock to Electric
    10. No Duplicate pokemon! Shinies do not make tbem different!
    11. Legendary Pokemon are not Allowad!

    Other Rules :
    Micknames that interfare with battles will
    Cause for a Dq [Disqialification ]
    Example : asngagkagkabgak

    Double Battle Gym Rules
    1. these Battleswill be Double meaning 2 pokes simultaneously
    2. Moves that only
    cause infatuation or confustion Are Baneed !

    Listen to all Gyms leaders and sub they re the boss

    All tier1 Gym Rules still appy to doubles !

    Post Autor : KillerSlovakia

    E.killer 13.4.2018 : fix
    Moves zhat only
    Fix to Moves that only
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  2. Hello Guys im go add T2 mayble soon

    It is working on it
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