Sinnoh Riddle Hunt 9/22

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    Get ready for this fun event to make its return to sinnoh! The rules are simple. Find all the Pokémon from the riddles and have them in your party then tell a mod. First one to get them all right wins. Now without further adu, here are our riddle:

    1. Although I am not Lord of the seas
    People will call me one
    My species is a rare one
    If you do not look, you will find none.

    2. I'm rather plain and ordinary.
    Yet I'm a pain in the butt to find.
    I'm more feminine than masculine.
    But hang in haunted homes a lot of the time.

    3. My body is all one color, just different shades
    When I fly I scatter dust like scales
    If they touch you, you need to run away

    4. Tackle, Stun Spore, and Mega Drain,
    Are some of the moves I plant in my brain.
    My evolution can pack a real punch,
    And has poisonous spores on its tail in a bunch.

    5. The world may never, ever know,
    What more of me there is to show.
    My head is really all they see,
    For the earth will hide the rest of me.

    6. Thought I was a legendary, guess not.
    Thought I was kinda big, guess not.
    But I am still pretty strong.
    I'm the father of a law enforcer.
    I'm from the first generation of Pokémon.

    Good luck!

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