Hoenn Riddle Hunt 3/30

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    Hello Hoenn!
    Today's Riddle Hunt has begun
    The rules are simple:
    Catch the pokemon you think answers the riddle(3 pokemon in total). Once you've caught them /msg Deranged_Lime or PoliteViolence with the pokemon in your first 3 slots, in order!

    Only pokemon that have YOU as the original trainer will count

    You may only have the 3 answers in your party
    Pokemon must not be in eggs
    You can only win ONE key

    The riddles are as follows:

    Riddle 1:

    I float silently in the air
    Spreading my poisonous gas
    I make my nest in dirty houses
    And at night I go through the trash

    Riddle 2:
    With my shining fur
    I easily sense danger
    I dazzle my foes and rivals
    To run away

    Riddle 3:
    Find me in dense forests
    But be wary, for I just may steal your items
    With my musical leaf
    I strike fear in my in your heart


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