Hoenn Riddle Hunt 11/05

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  1. xXGOD01Xx

    xXGOD01Xx Ex Hoenn Staff

    Hello members of Hoenn!

    Today's Riddle Hunt has begun! The rules are simple, catch the pokemon that you think answer the following riddle, once you think you have figured it out /msg Gawdddd or SilverDragon2 to see if you've won! There will be a 1st and 2nd place prize!

    Other Rules:
    - The ONLY POKEMON that should be in your party should be your guesses, otherwise you'll be asked to change pokemon!
    - Pokemon must be caught by YOU, other Trainer's Pokemon will not count!
    - Pokemon must not be in eggs, and they cannot be a previous/next evolution! (E.g. If it was Cubone, Marowak will not count!)
    - Remember, only ONE person can win the key, so you can share answers, but the person you share them with might win!
    Good Luck and have fun everyone!


    1) If you're stressed hit me up, my head leaves will help you out. I'm not monkeying around!

    2) In hot weather i use my tails to make shards of ice to spray around and cool down!

    3) If I don't find enough iron to eat, I'll go dine on your bridges and rails!
  2. xXGOD01Xx

    xXGOD01Xx Ex Hoenn Staff

    Answers were:
    1) Pansage

    2) Alolan Vulpix

    3) Aron
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