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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NsDxGamer, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. NsDxGamer

    NsDxGamer New Member

    Hi! A little help would be appreciated!

    I played on this server (i believe tbh some things dont look the same when i checked again) about 2-3 years ago back in 2016/2017 with my then boyfriend! We had ranks (Ace) and a lot of pokemon and all that fun stuff but when I logged back in today I was starting anew! ;-;

    Has the server been resetted? Even then do the ranks get reset along with them? My ign is the same as my username!
  2. AsparugusLolol

    AsparugusLolol New Member

    Hello! Which sever are you referring to? Johto reset about a year ago, and Hoenn reset just about a week ago. If you were a Kanto player, there is a thread to get your stuff moved over to johto. If you played Johto, feel free to contact Mosa in our discords #Help-Room. If you play Hoenn, add a book at Hoenn's /warp donor. I'm not sure what the protocol is on sinnoh, but I assume its the same at /warp donor like in Hoenn. If you have any other questions or want help being pointed in the right direction, feel free to ask :D

    EDIT: Okay, just saw the sinnoh tag. My bad! I would suggest logging onto sinnoh (Reforged 7.0.5 as of now) and Looking for a /warp donor, trying to find an Admin+, or of course, checking on discord! :D
  3. CanadianMaple_

    CanadianMaple_ Sinnoh Senior Mod Senior Mod

    Sinnoh has reset twice I believe since then. If you paid for your ranks, then we can for sure get them back to you. I can let sinnoh's manager (riddik) know and next time he sees you, he can give your rank back
  4. NsDxGamer

    NsDxGamer New Member

    aw rip my pokemon, thank you both for the input!

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