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  1. TheMemeMachine_

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    'Sup fellow pixelmon players.

    As some of you already know, I'm an avid regi collector that has been collecting these useless pokemon for about a year and a half now.

    As I don't have the time to search for people selling regis on the server, I've figured that creating a thread here might help. I currently have 83 regis and am trying to reach 100.

    I'm willing to trade rare candies/pay with money after selling rare candies or trade legendaries for them.

    Here are the legendaries I currently have:

    - 1 Shiny Arceus
    - 1 Hasty Zapdos
    - 1 Shiny Tapu Bulu
    - 1 Modest multiscale lugia
    - 1 suicune
    - 1 shiny Entei
    - 1 Raikou
    - 1 Hasty max speed max attack Jirachi (definitely not collector price :) )
    - 1 victini
    - 1 bold magearna (I have no idea how much it would sell for)
    - 1 set of the trash bird trio

    I also have A LOTTT of shiny pokemon too, just can't be bothered organising them in my /pc.

    Number of rare candies:
    - Almost 1100 (selling them at 190 a piece)

    If you have any regis and are interested in selling them, please shoot me a message down below or just contact me if you find me on the server (TheMemeMachine_)

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  2. B1gGun

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    If I'll get one I will let you know.

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