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    In-game name: Redscarces
    Server: Hoenn
    Favorite Pokemon: Jirachi, Rotom-Wash, Landorus-Therian ( I will it for everything )

    Hello my name is Lex ( Not my irl name ) I've been playing Journeygaming for a very long time, I come by every now and then, my first journeygaming server was Hoenn but transfered to Johto after a really good roll of champion crates ( 2x Waterfalls 1x Shiny 1x Masterball ) I didn't know anything about pokemon but I started learning about it and even playing competitivly, ofc I lost a bunch of times on my first flyinggym, I think I lost about 7 times on my first flying gym and come up with a winning stradegy. My first tier 2 was really hard, I lost 12 times and finally came up with a winning strategy ( it was a nightmare ) When I'm not playing Pokemon I usually play other competitive games like Yu-gi-oh, Dota 2, CS: GO, MC PVP or just watching anime. The reason I'm playing on Hoenn instead of Johto is that of me not really having fun there anymore, I've been doing the same thing over and over again even bought new accounts in-order to battle the gyms again, in general, I was bored.. afterall i played for about 2 years on the server.

    I live in Sweden! the land of potatoes and smelly people. I used to live in Thailand but I moved here because of Studying, Better payment, Good Food... uhh nope. It is weird to move from such a cooking hot country to a freezer. I speak 3 Languages, Thai, English, and Swedish. I've lived in Sweden for 7 years, moved since I was 9.

    I really don't wanna share anything more so there is it
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