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Discussion in 'Donation Help' started by Monacard, Mar 17, 2019.

  1. Monacard

    Monacard New Member

    I've been asking the members of Journey if I could transfer my previous Kanto rank over to Sinnoh and I have been told it would only transfer to Johto since the server runs the same pixelmon mod as Kanto.

    If I remember correctly, I had the Elite rank over on Kanto and I wish to transfer it to Sinnoh. I looked at the perks that were given within the rank and I don't think there should be an issue to transfer.

    Username: llmonacardll
  2. Monacard

    Monacard New Member

    It was Champion Rank. Now I remember. Nickname option is that I remember mainly.
  3. Mosapotayis

    Mosapotayis Johto Manager Staff Member Manager

    Kanto has been merged in to the Johto server, it's optional for you to decide whether you want to transfer over your ranks and pokémon data over to Johto or not. I'm afraid your rank can not be transfered to Sinnoh
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