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    xDEATHREAPERx Member

    Possible FPS issue fixes in Pixelmon Dark:

    1.) (What worked for me)
    Deleting betterFPS and CustomMainMenu mod, questionable algorithms

    2.) Increasing priority of Java process in the task manager to "Highest"

    3.) Downloading Dark without technic launcher (more ram options, and perhaps the same case as 1.) )

    4.) (Softfix)
    Reducing render distance (uses up a lot of CPU resources)

    5.) (Sounds dumb) deleting Optifine

    6.) Lowering MipMap levels to 0

    7) Windows 10: Power Options -> advanced -> High performance
    Credits to Zane, Mosa, Winglet, Sjeng for 5) , 3), 6), 7)

    Feel free to post more solutions and I´ll add em to the list!

    IMPORTANT EDIT: I highly advise keeping the Foamfix mod for now, without it my performance was terrible.
    Betterfps and Foamfix also might intervene with each other so tomorrow (24.9) I'll reinstall betterfps and remove foamfix and see what happens then.
    I plan to do Benchmarks for every Algorithm and a lot of mod combinations

    IMPORTANT EDIT 2: I appreciate any data you guys can send me, so if others gather some benchmark data aswell, I'll really appreciate it!
    More data from multiple systems means I am able to present more representative results for everyone.
    The entire process of gathering and analysing results may take up to a few days, depending on how fast I am.
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  2. Winglet

    Winglet Priest of Lord Kyuubi|Survival's local Fox Staff Member Admin

    Mipmap levels off helps too, it really improves fps when off ;)
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    xDEATHREAPERx Member

    ty for the info, added it to the list!
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  4. fuzzbuns555

    fuzzbuns555 New Member

    Thanks for the help Death :) weirdly enough i deleted optifine and im running way faster O_O
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    xDEATHREAPERx Member

    Glad I could help :)
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  6. ThorTako

    ThorTako Member

    I just give mc 10 gigs xD

    xDEATHREAPERx Member

    I do not advise to apply to allocate too much RAM to MC, as your general system needs a minimum amount of gigs to run properly.
    If it does not run properly, you will lag aswell
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    xDEATHREAPERx Member

    Regarding RAM what i recommend is:
    Starting low on RAM and looking whether the allocated RAM is used up 100%. If yes, increase RAM.
    Repeat until your allocated RAM is used ~75% percent so you always got a safezone for flactuating RAM usage
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  9. ThorTako

    ThorTako Member

    I have like 32 gigs of ram me gucci
  10. Tonjuh

    Tonjuh New Member

    Is there a way to use the Minecraft launcher instead of the technic launcher? I ran so much better before we changed to technic. Could you give me a link to the mods?
  11. _Brokencrystal_

    _Brokencrystal_ Ex-Mod/Omni Sub

    Yes, there is. Install Forge for Minecraft 1.10.2, put Pixelmon mod in your mods folder and create a profile launching from there.

    Google Drive:

    If you join JourneyGaming's social Discord, new download links for Pixelmon Generations will be posted in #announcements when the server updates :)
  12. Tonjuh

    Tonjuh New Member

    I have installed this as well as Optifine 1.10.2 and yet the max fps I can get is around 20 before it spikes downward. I have most of my settings as these listed above and have 4 gigs of ram allocated. Can I get some help increasing my fps?

    xDEATHREAPERx Member

    Can you maybe give me some info on your CPU / info on whether you use a Laptop or a PC?
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