Journey Pokemon Types: Weaknesses, Strengths, Resistances, and Immunities

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    Hello! In case you don't know who I am, my name is Sully, and I'm currently from the Sinnoh region. While currently being a gym-sub and have been leaders on Kanto and Unova, a few frequent questions that I've seen in chat are: "What is this type weak against?", and "What types are strong against this type?". I figured today I would make a little cheat sheet for all of the weaknesses (What the type is weak to), strengths (What the type is good against), resistances (What types it resists), and immunites (Types that have no impact on other types) for all 18 Pokemon types (I'm pretty sure I remember doing something similar to this, but if I did, here it is again :)) So, here they are:

    Bug Type:
    Strengths: Dark, Grass, Psychic
    Weaknesses: Fire, Flying, Rock
    Resistances: Fighting, Grass, Ground
    Immunity: None

    Dark Type:
    Strengths: Ghost, Psychic
    Weaknesses: Bug, Fairy, Fighting
    Resistances: Dark, Ghost
    Immunity: Psychic

    Dragon Type:
    Strengths: Dragon
    Weaknesses: Dragon, Ice, Fairy
    Resistances: Electric, Fire, Grass, Water
    Immunity: None

    Electric Type:
    Strengths: Flying, Water
    Weaknesses: Ground
    Resistances: Electric, Flying, Steel
    Immunity: None

    Fairy Type:
    Strengths: Dark, Dragon, Fighting
    Weaknesses: Poison, Steel
    Resistances: Bug, Dark, Fighting
    Immunity: Dragon

    Fighting Type:
    Strengths: Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel
    Weaknesses: Fairy, Flying, Psychic
    Resistances: Bug, Dark, Rock
    Immunity: None

    Fire Type:
    Strengths: Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel
    Weaknesses: Ground, Rock, Water
    Resistances: Bug, Fairy, Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel
    Immunity: None

    Flying Type:
    Strengths: Bug, Fighting, Grass
    Weaknesses: Electric, Ice, Rock
    Resistances: Bug, Fighting, Grass
    Immunity: Ground

    Ghost Type:
    Strengths: Ghost, Psychic
    Weaknesses: Dark, Ghost
    Resistances: Bug, Poison
    Immunities: Fighting, Normal

    Grass Type:
    Strengths: Ground, Rock, Water
    Weaknesses: Bug, Fire, Flying Ice, Poison
    Resistances: Electric, Grass, Ground, Water
    Immunity: None

    Ground Type:
    Strengths: Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
    Weaknesses: Grass, Ice, Water
    Resistances: Poison, Rock
    Immunity: Electric

    Ice Type:
    Strengths: Dragon, Flying, Grass, Ground
    Weaknesses: Fighting, Fire, Rock, Steel
    Resistances: Ice
    Immunity: None

    Normal Type:
    Strengths: None
    Weaknesses: None
    Resistances: None
    Immunity: Ghost

    Poison Type:
    Strengths: Fairy, Grass
    Weaknesses: Ground, Psychic
    Resistances: Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Poison
    Immunity: None

    Psychic Type:
    Strengths: Fighting, Poison
    Weaknesses: Bug, Dark, Ghost
    Resistances: Fighting, Psychic
    Immunity: None

    Rock Type:
    Strengths: Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice
    Weaknesses: Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, Water
    Resistances: Fire, Flying, Normal, Poison
    Immunity: None

    Steel Type:
    Strengths: Fairy, Ice, Rock
    Weaknesses: Fighting, Fire, Ground
    Resistances: Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel
    Immunity: Poison

    Water Type:
    Strengths: Fire, Ground, Rock
    Weaknesses: Electric, Grass
    Resistances: Fire, Ice, Steel, Water
    Immunity: None

    Hopefully this guide has helped you better understand type match ups, and thank you for reading this post! Of course, there may be errors, and if there is, please let me know :D

    Thank you,
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    Tysm Sully this is seriously useful!
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    Glad you found it useful :3
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    I always used Google, But this is helpful for a lot of members. Thanks for the time and effort you've put into it!
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