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    Well, I'm on my old computer, so I might as well do this while Generations installs... My name is Skylom, but most people know me as Todorokii. I used to play a bunch on Sinnoh, but have recently came to Kanto cuz Sinnoh barely anyone on it these days. I'm pretty sure my mom dropped me as a kid... twice ._. (I'm pretty messed up). As a kid, I'd play Pokemon all the time, and still have the same passion about it to this day. There was only one thing I disliked about Pokemon as a kid, and that was not being able to journey with your friends. Unlike most geeks, I had friends as a kid (Don't anymore tho LOL). That being said, a large chunk of them also played Pokemon (Video game ofc). All we could really do was trade and play next to each other, which kinda stunk, which is why I absolutely love Pixelmon. While you can't journey with your friends, you can do projects with other people, which I find super cool.

    My favorite Pokemon is Empoleon, because it was my first Pokemon and I find it super cool. I mean cmon, who DOESN'T love a penguin with swords as its arms?!

    Well, my download is done, so I'd best rap this up quickly. I hope to see all of you on both Kanto and Sinnoh (I still play on Sinnoh occasionally) and wish you all a great year!

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