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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Emengee, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. Emengee

    Emengee New Member

    I hope there is a possibility to add player shops on the servers. I dont know if the other pixelmon servers has it or not, but Johto does not.

    I mean like Shopchest or signshop.
    In my opinion this would be much more convenient and more fun, than how selling and buying stuff is right now. I think this would add some sort of rpg element to the servers, aswell as some competition in selling prices. People would be able to look at several shops and buy the cheapest. I have seen people sell stuff for ridiculous prices, so this would help eliminate that.

    I was thinking this might not be supported by the claiming plugin, if so, maybe there is a possiblility to add areas for rent under the spawnprotection.
  2. Drizzle

    Drizzle New Member

    I think this would be a great addition to the server. +1
  3. Tevoir

    Tevoir New Member

    It is possible with a bit of red stone.
    But it would be much easier with such a suggestion.
  4. AsparugusLolol

    AsparugusLolol New Member

    Hey, so in case you don't know me, i'm a die-hard player of Johto, and think its an amazing region :). So on your idea of player shops, i think it would be an interesting idea, but i don't think it would end up working out. While it could be used to help work on the market prices and stop people from over pricing somethings, it could also be a slight problem as it would end up making the server-set market prices on specific items, which would make the /warp market and its shops useless. So while my opinion inst final, nor super important, I think that player shops wouldn't be a great idea.

    Johtonian Gym-Skrub, and Lit Dood <o/
  5. LightTheTrainer

    LightTheTrainer New Member

    I agree with Asper, it would shatter the market even more than it already is for Pokemon. People would start neglecting the market and prices would go down, making it, sadly, of no use. And there are not that many items you cant buy in the market, a few I can think of such as Masterballs, DKnots and so on. But people know who sells them. So, in conclusion I think this isn't the best of ideas, sorry to bash on you. Just making my point. While this may not be my final conclusion I do not think it should be added at the moment.

    Johtonian Respected Alpha, Signing Out

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