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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Maggie, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. Maggie

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    Pixelmon 5.1.3 Update
    Hey everyone! We have some exciting news for the Pixelmon Servers! Over the next few days, you will see some of our Pixelmon Servers, starting with Kanto, update to the next version of pixelmon! You can only join using the Technic launcher and the modpack, which will be linked at the end of the post. Brand NEW pokemon have been added to this version, and MORE pokemon and features will keep being added in future updates! Our server is apart of the modpack server list, so make sure to look for Journey Gaming in the Multiplayer list! If you are not sure on how to install, please refer to the links posted below! See you all! Make sure that if you are from Kanto and Sinnoh that you update now!
    Handy Links:
    Installation Guide:
    Modpack Link:

    It says 5.1.4 but it works for the kanto/sinnoh server.
  2. Mitchket

    Mitchket Moderator Moderator

    The link sais pixelmon 5.1.4 is that right? xD
  3. Schuerbi

    Schuerbi New Member

    Hope we make a server wipe . Fresh start in a new generation of pixelmon :D
  4. nicky1208

    nicky1208 Member

    Not a bad idea at all, Schuerbi.
  5. Yami_AnimeRue

    Yami_AnimeRue New Member

    how do we get rid of the journey map? it keeps on saying 'please join back after removing journeymap'
  6. Expedes

    Expedes Member

    @Yami_AnimeRue Which server are you trying to join with the modpack? Currently all regions except Kanto have JourneyMap blocked
  7. Yami_AnimeRue

    Yami_AnimeRue New Member

    Unova, thank you for telling me that its blocked on all except kanto :)
  8. Expedes

    Expedes Member

    @Yami_AnimeRue No problem! The JourneyMap mod should be removed from the pack upon the next update as well so no worries.
  9. Sjeng111

    Sjeng111 New Member

    Where is the changelog on Technicpack launcher Pixelmon Reborn? (Where can i see the changes of the update) and How many times will the pixelmon servers on journeygaming update? Eveery single time there is a new version?

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