Journey [Pixelmon][Guide] How to make Money on the servers.

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    1: Personal Introduction
    2: Introduction and Overview
    3: Blackmarket Money Making
    4: Pokémon Drops (Boss Tower)
    5: Breeding Pokémon
    6: Odd Jobs
    7: Outro/Final words.

    1: Personal Introduction:
    Hello I would like to introduce myself before we get onto the guide. I am JakesShinx, currently a Player on the Johto server. I have been playing Pixelmon for a little over 1 year. However I had played when the Mod was first released. That's enough about me. ONTO the guide we go!!

    2: Introduction and Overview of the guide:
    Welcome to this comprehensive guide to making money on the Pixelmon servers. I am going to go over a few methods on how you can make money with very little start-up, and patience. As well as investing money for long term gains. The methods we will go over are using the Blackmarket, Feinting Boss Pokémon and selling that loot, Breeding Perfect Pokémon and selling them, as well as doing odd jobs for others. With this little overview lets get more in-depth with the guide.

    3: Black Market:
    Things you will need:
    - Initial investment of 500 - 1000 dollars
    - A level 100 Pokémon
    - A Pokémon with the move False Swipe such as Scyther and Smeargle.
    - Patience to catch and sell Pokémon.
    - 64 Dusk and Level Balls.

    For this method everything mentioned above is about all you will need to make at least 5k or more. A note to remember is that any Pokémon in the EV training rooms and the Training area's on your server will sell for less then those not found there. As well as the Black Market can rotate onto Final Evolution and Legendary Pokémon.

    When the black market switches Pokémon, and it's something that spawns frequently and easy to catch, I would suggest going all out on it. Something like Growlithe would be really good to Catch for the Black Market. When doing this Method Try and use as many of the Poké Balls you bought for this method as possible. If you run out with more then 45 minutes remaining, You could use any money you made to buy more Poké Balls and catch more. As you get closer to the 15 minute mark before the Black Market switches Pokémon, you should start to consider selling the Pokémon for the Black Market you caught. Once you have sold the Pokémon you should have a good bit of money from when you first started.

    4: Pokémon Drops (Boss Tower)
    Things you will need:
    - Pokémon that is fast and strong and can hit all types.
    - Patience
    - If possible a Private or Public Boss Tower.

    So for this, you want to use 1 or more Pokémon to kill Boss Pokémon that spawn. Typically you can find Boss Pokémon in Haunted Towers on the top floor, or your servers /warp boss. If you are on Johto this method also applies to /warp train. However you can also find Boss Pokémon around the server world.

    So when starting this I would suggest having a clean inventory. This will help to Maximize the amount of items you can get before you need to sell. I would suggest as well to not take ANY normal Minecraft items that may drop. If you have a Personal Boss tower you could place chests down and every inventory you fill put them in the chests. Once you find your Ideal spot to farm bosses, wait for them to start spawning.

    When they start to spawn, and you start feinting them, try and grab as many HELD ITEMS as possible. Berries and Minecraft items don't sell for a lot and the Held Items will yield the best amount of money. Once you get a full inventory of Held Items, you can go to your servers Pokémart and start selling the items. You can repeat this process as many times as you would like. You can make as little as 5k to upwards of 20k per Inventory drop. *Destiny Knots DO drop from boss Tower Pokemon* If you happen on a Destiny Knot while hunting, that can be worth quite a bit to the server's breeders or someone who is looking to start breeding.

    5: Breeding Pokémon:
    Things you will need:
    - Destiny knot
    - Everstone
    - EV training items.

    This method is the MOST EXPENSIVE method to do when starting to try and make money, as it also takes the longest to start. Destiny Knots are needed for this method as you are looking to sell Perfect Pokémon to other players. For this you will need to do a bit of research and know what to look for and what not to breed. Typically the easiest thing to start with is an Egg group ( with a lot of Pokemon that have more then one Egg Group. For example Field. It has Pokémon like Mareep that are both Field and Monster.

    You will want to find Pokémon people are looking for in your server and try and get the perfect Nature and Ability as well as the correct IV's needed for that Pokémon. Typically you can find out What IV's you will want by looking up common Pokémon sets on the site Smogon ( Typically those sets are what most people use on their Pokémon and it will tell you what Nature is best for the Pokémon. Example would be Luxray. Luxray would like to be Adamant or Jolly, as it is a physical attacking Pokémon.

    Once you have gathered the IV's, Nature, and Ability you will need, you can start breeding. You can find a quick Guide on how to breed here: Once you have gotten a bunch of perfect Pokémon from breeding you can start selling them to the players. Typically you want to market yourself on the GTS (if the server you are on has it) or by putting a message in chat that you are selling perfect Pokémon. If you are breeding a lot of different Pokémon, you can make a small board near your breeding area and put the Pokémon you are breeding down on there. This way people will know everything you breed.

    Breeders tho should not sell females for the same price they would males however. The reason being is it's easier to breed from a female then it is from a Male. Also breeding Genderless Pokémon like Porygon and Staryu could be sold for quite a bit as it requires you to use Ditto's with 31's in IV's. If you want to know general prices of Perfect Pokémon I would suggest asking people what they would pay for something you want to breed.

    6: Odd Jobs:
    Things you will need:
    - Items required for the Jobs
    - Somebody who is paying for someone to do something (EV training, building, ect..)

    So for this I would say it's sort of straight forward. When someone in chat asks if anyone wants to EV train for them or Build them a house and you are up for the task. I would say go for it. However always ask them what they are looking for if you are building. If they are asking for a house and are willing to buy materials for you and pay you then always ask if what you are doing is OK and if they like it.

    For EV training always write down the EV's the person wants and make it exactly how they want it. This is something a lot of people will pay for as EV training is very time consuming and some people generally would rather have someone else do it for them.

    There are other things like clearing land, Helping with making things like redstone contraptions and whatnot that players might pay others to do. You can always set your own prices to things as well. If you want to EV train for people and you ask them for 2-3k per poke depending on the EV's needed then go for it. However don't be greedy with it either. Asking for 10k to EV train something isn't good. A lot of people will try and find someone that does it quickly and for cheap. So if you can get quick at EV training and do it fast then it's a +.

    7: Outro/Final Words:
    I hope that a few people find this guide useful. I know when I first started something like this would have been really helpful to know. A lot of new players I have encountered over my year and a 1/2 here have asked me how to make quick money. Not being able to point them in any one direction was a pain. Hopefully this helps people give them a little more direction and helps those looking to make money for building or buying pokemon :3

    With that I would like to thank anyone and everyone who reads this and finds this guide useful. If you have anything else to add please make a reply and I will add them as we go!

    Thank you,
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    It may be worth noting, Hoenn and possibly other regions have the commands /locate to find out where and when Pokémon spawn for Black Market; /weakness which displays the type of Pokémon for breeding; /warp breed listing all of the best blocks to use when breeding certain types of Pokémon; /egggroup to show the egg group of a Pokémon to see if they're compatible with each other. Also, some economies are different, so acceptable prices for perfects, items and the odd jobs will likely vary region to region, though I'm not sure by how much -- Johto perfects sell for much more than in Hoenn, but Hoenn's champion key is three times the price of Johto's if I remember correctly :?

    Lastly, all those who wish to breed, peoples won't buy competitively useless Pokémon for battling or they'll at least sell for much less. here's the tier list, Ubers are the Pokémon deemed too strong for and banned from OU, you can't use Ubers in most tournaments or T2 gyms. OU stands for Over Used, the most popular Pokémon aside from the Ubers and the ones banned from UU, the ones most bought for battling, though probably already bred. UU means Under Used, however it doesn't have to mean the Pokémon are bad :p then there're RU (Rarely Used) and NU (Never Used) as the bottom tiers.
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  3. Tnx for this im did found thid just now
    Im doring Ev Train for otner players
    Reward from 1000 to 5000 money
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    can you make one of these for sinnoh
  5. Yes i can do ev train for you

    price list

    2000 normal 2100 Sniny 5000 legend

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