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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mosapotayis, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Mosapotayis

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    Tier List updated today!
  2. Ransacker

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    I wondering if you could better explain the ban of sleeping moves here. From what I have been told it you chose to ban them because there was no way of implementing sleep clause like on SD. However from what I understand there are only 2 things that have a chance of causing sleep; Relic song and effect spore the first only learned by meloetta and the second being an ability that isn't used on many pokemon in competitive battles. The other ways of causing sleep are moves such as sing, spore and sleep powder that only cause sleep and do no damage. So I am thinking that implementing sleep clause would be quite simple? Since during tournaments and gym battles there will be someone who knows what sleep clause is (Spectating or the gym leader themselves). Don't know if there is any other reason.
  3. DeJerre

    DeJerre New Member

    Keeping track if a pokemon is asleep during a gym battle isn't that difficult, but I can imagine that it is a pain during a tourny. having to watch so many battles with probably an amoonguss as sleep inducer on every team can confuse the spectator. Secondly, what is the solution when someone does put 2 pokemon to sleep on accident? There are just too many questionable situations without an in-game sleep clause to allow sleep moves imo :)
  4. Ransacker

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    Like I said unless you're using relic song or an effect spore mon you have to misclick to even try to put another mon sleep and if it does happens should be easy to fix with either penalizing the player who put the mon to sleep or using an full heal/awakening to wake the mon up (Which if the mon putting stuff to sleep went second would result in a free move for the other player). Second during tournaments it wouldn't just be the spectator having to watch for 2 mons being put to sleep but also the battler so if it does goes unnoticed it is that battlers fault imo.
  5. TheColdoor

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    Sleep status, compared to other statuses, may be harmless, but it gives the opponent a huge advantage against them. As they are unable to even know when they'll be able to do a move, the opponent can just freely set up as much as he wants. Sleep is a real hazard. Always game changing. The fact is, multiple players, in tournaments, aren't fully aware of clauses, and aren't always understanding those clauses. Keeping track of one battle's sleep pokémon can be quite fine, but during tournaments, keeping track of all the battle's sleep count is too much work and would be more trouble than anything else. Without the possibility of an In Game sleep clause, sleep shouldn't be unbanned. Sleep is, to me, the most powerful status there is.
  6. Mosapotayis

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    Big changes to the tier list have been made today!
    14 new Pokémon added
    15 Pokémon moved around in the tier list
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