Johto Pixelmon Generations 1.2.1 OU Viability Ranking

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    With Pixelmon Generations being an inbetween mix with mechanics from the 6th generation and some pokémons borrowed from the 7th generation, it's extremely hard to gather information concerning the competitive scene that regroups both of them in one basket. Hopefully this thread will help you understand which pokémons are currently viable in OU and why.

    This list will be based on a personal opinion, from what I have seen in all previous battles that I have done/witnessed during the Elite 4, multiple Tournaments and random battles that have been done on Johto. It is not the absolute truth, and some pokémons may vary depending on different play styles or even between different servers.

    With that, I present to you the Pixelmon Generations 1.2.1 OU Ranking Tier List:

    (In alphabetical order)

    These pokémons have the absolute best potential. Either being able to do absolutely everything or 1v1 almost the entirety of the OU.

    S Rank

    [​IMG] Clefable

    These pokémons define what is called the Meta. They are the most common pokémons in a tier and you will face them in almost every battle. They can either fulfill multiple roles or they fulfill one at the perfection.

    A+ Rank
    Charizard (Mega X)
    [​IMG] Ferrothorn
    [​IMG] Gliscor
    [​IMG] Talonflame
    [​IMG] Toxapex
    [​IMG] Zapdos

    A Rank
    [​IMG] Charizard (Mega Y)
    [​IMG] Excadrill
    [​IMG] Garchomp
    [​IMG] Latios
    [​IMG] Metagross (Mega)
    [​IMG] Skarmory
    [​IMG] Tangrowth

    A- Rank
    [​IMG] Pinsir (Mega)
    [​IMG] Primarina
    [​IMG] Scizor (Mega)
    [​IMG] Tyranitar
    [​IMG] Weavile

    These pokémons can still be considered threats and have a decent usage and utility in them, having the potential to put in a lot of work under certain conditions.

    B+ Rank
    [​IMG] Hawlucha
    [​IMG] Heatran
    [​IMG] Medicham (Mega)
    [​IMG] Mew
    [​IMG] Volcanion

    B Rank
    [​IMG] Alakazam (Mega)
    [​IMG] Azumarill
    [​IMG] Gardevoir (Mega)
    [​IMG] Gengar
    [​IMG] Jirachi
    [​IMG] Magnezone
    [​IMG] Tyranitar (Mega)
    [​IMG] Volcarona

    B- Rank
    [​IMG] Bronzong
    [​IMG] Chansey
    [​IMG] Gyarados (Mega)
    [​IMG] Magearna
    [​IMG] Manectric (Mega)
    [​IMG] Scizor
    [​IMG] Slowbro
    [​IMG] Suicune
    [​IMG] Swampert (Mega)

    Although they may not be the most popular, these Pokémons still have some potential in them. Being a mix between missing raw power/coverage to pierce through the meta or simply being underappreciated compared to another pokémon that can fulfill the same role, these Pokémons can still succeed if played the right way.

    C+ Rank

    [​IMG] Bisharp
    [​IMG] Chandelure
    [​IMG] Crawdaunt
    [​IMG] Mamoswine
    [​IMG] Milotic
    [​IMG] Porygon2
    [​IMG] Serperior
    [​IMG] Slowbro (Mega)
    [​IMG] Staraptor
    [​IMG] Thundurus
    [​IMG] Togekiss
    [​IMG] Venusaur (Mega)

    C Rank
    [​IMG] Dragonite
    [​IMG] Galvantula
    [​IMG] Gastrodon
    [​IMG] Goodra
    [​IMG] Infernape
    [​IMG] Keldeo
    [​IMG] Mandibuzz
    [​IMG] Nidoking
    [​IMG] Pidgeot (Mega)
    [​IMG] Scolipede
    [​IMG] Starmie

    C- Rank
    [​IMG] Alakazam
    [​IMG] Conkeldurr
    [​IMG] Cresselia
    [​IMG] Dugtrio
    [​IMG] Gyarados
    [​IMG] Hippowdon
    [​IMG] Latias
    [​IMG] Ninetales-Alola
    [​IMG] Salamence

    Note: This post will be edited over time, adding notes on singular pokémons, like the following.
    Clefable can do everything. It can fit on almost every single team, being one of the best Stealth Rock user, paired with two amazing abilities in Magic Guard and Unaware, the first one being by far the most popular. With the first heavy Poison attacker in Gengar being so far down in usage and the likes of Mega Metagross almost having to drop Meteor Mash to be able to break through Toxapex, Gliscor and Skarmory, leaving it with having to rely on Bullet Punch to break through Clefable, it can with ease take 3 hits from every single pokémon before fainting, giving it enough turns to Thunder Wave its opponent and Soft-Boiling the opposing turn. Its bulk allows it to live a hit from the most offensive threats in OU and crippling them back with Thunder Wave, rendering them almost useless or at the very least, very easy to revenge kill. With the combination of its Magic Guard ability, natural bulk, an amazing defensive typing being pure Fairy, access to Stealth Rock, Calm Mind, Thunder Wave, STAB Moonblast and Flamethrower, Clefairy claims the top step in this OU Viability Ranking.
    Mega Charizard X is an amazing offensive threat. Being 2 of the most powerful offensive typings in Fire and Dragon, powered up even more with its Tough Claws ability with a great movepool with access to Flare Blitz, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Dragon Dance and Roost, it can break through almost everything that is thrown out against it. Its 130 Base Attack stats allows it to near OHKO Clefable after Dragon Dancing once, while Earthquake deals with the possible counters to it in Toxapex, Tyranitar, Heatran. It's incredibly strong as a late game sweeper, once it's opponent's team is crippled enough for Mega Charizard X to OHKO everything after Dragon Dancing once on a weakened pokemon that can't OHKO Charizard, or simply against a Mew or Toxapex that can't Scald burn it nor Will-o-Wisp burn it due to its Fire typing.

    I hope you enjoyed and this post helped you have a better understanding of our current OU Metagame!
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