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    With the Pixelmon Mod Wiki being only accessible to the wiki administrators, I decided to post the screenshots of the list of possible drops from before the wiki is down. "All Pokémon can drop items upon defeat. Unlike normal Minecraft mobs, drops from Pokémon are displayed on the screen after a Pokémon is defeated, and may be claimed or dropped from this interface."

    drop1.png drop2.png drop3.png drop4.png drop5.png drop6.png
    drop7.png drop8.png drop9.png drop10.png drop11.png drop12.png drop13.png drop14.png drop15.png drop16.png drop17.png drop18.png drop19.png drop20.png drop21.png drop22.png drop23.png drop24.png drop25.png drop26.png drop27.png drop28.png drop29.png drop30.png drop31.png drop32.png drop33.png drop34.png drop35.png drop36.png drop37.png drop38.png drop39.png drop40.png drop41.png drop42.png drop43.png drop44.png drop45.png drop46.png drop47.png drop48.png drop49.png
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    noice work .3.
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    Super helpful, thank you! I'm pinning this post!

    Rumba ~
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    I'm proud of you mehehehe

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