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    Ey, turns out that pickup can only get pixie plates and it's a 1/10 chance for pickup to activate at all. Level 81+ have a 20% chance to get a tier 2 drop. There are 188 total tier two drops. Doing the math puts the odds of getting a pixie plate at Exactly .0001063829787234043% chance to get 1 specific plate (as there are no others in the lineup) Perhaps we could make the ratio for pixie plate even lower by adding the other 17? Just some food for thought. That percentage becomes .00063829788723404255 when one has 6 level 81+ pickup pokemon and goes even higher, up to .001063829787234% chance to get a pixie plate from /warp boss, but as it sits, according to the wiki, many things that we are told to get from /warp boss don't even have a chance to spawn there. Examples: Lustrous orb, Adamant orb, Griseous Orb, Red orb shards, Blue orb shards, plates other than pixie, and several other similar items.

    Data gathered was from the special drops page in the wiki, link below.

    It is possible that I miss-counted the total number of drops in tier two, but I did count them one category at a time and add them up with a calculator so it's not too likely. It is also possible that pickup drops have been changed to some degree on the server already as well. In any case: the main point of this is that all the plates should be available instead of just pixie from pickup or /warp boss as there is no efficient way to get them, and even adding this would help very little.
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    You can get stone pixie and the flying plates from exploring mineshafts, probably fire and a few of those in the nether, but that's it to my knowledge. Probably some in blacksmith chests and desert temples as well. Considering that we need all 18 to spawn arceus this is a serious pain.
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    They are boss drops ./warp boss

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