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Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by 1nsanity360, Jan 14, 2019.

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  1. 1nsanity360

    1nsanity360 New Member

    I'm guessing for putting a link in the chat.
    I believe that I should be unmuted because originally, I do agree I was not thinking of my actions when speaking, in the moment I was frustrated, and not listening to the mods. When I was arguing with another player, I put my Discord link in public chat which then got me muted for 2 hours. When I was talking to the other player on Discord, I was no longer paying attention to the game and did not see who permanently muted me. But, I do not see why I was muted permanently after the 2 hour mute when I did not talk the rest of the night. Now because of that ban, it is much harder to get money on the server from selling items since I cannot communicate to other players. I was not even aware that putting links in the chat was wrong. I know know not to put links in chat, and I must remain cool and listen to the mods, and respect them.

    Thank you for reading,
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  2. TheColdoor

    TheColdoor Johto's Ad min & E4 Champ Staff Member Admin

    Hello 1nsanity360,

    You have been, multiple times, warned regarding your behavior, which was very disrespectful towards other players & staff members. The permanent mute was applied due to an accumulation of rules broken, not simply your link posted in chat. You have been muted in the past for those behavior issues, but you still continued to misbehave.

    Appeal denied.
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