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    Where are the Pokemon? Where do I choose my starter?

    You are most likely on the hub. Right click on the compass in your inventory to join a server! If you are on Skyblock or Skywars, They are vanilla servers and will never have Pokemon on it. Skyblock and Skywars are meant to be a different experience.

    Why can’t I join the server?

    You either don’t have the right Pixelmon version installed, don’t have the right Forge version installed or selected, or don’t have the right minecraft version selected.

    What version of Pixelmon do I need?

    For our pixelmon servers you need Pixelmon 5.1.1. You do not need Pixelmon installed to play Skyblock, Skywars or Zombies.

    What version of Forge do I need?

    Four our pixelmon servers you need a forge version that’s for Minecraft 1.10.2. You do not need Forge installed to play Skyblock, Zombies, and Skywars.

    I downloaded the stuff, what do I do now?

    You connect to a server!

    How do I connect to a server?

    Right click on the Server Selector in your inventory to select a server! You can also talk to the NPCs near the portal or run into the portal to join a server.

    I have everything downloaded but nothing happens?

    Now you select the server you want to join. If you downloaded pixelmon 5.1.1, you can join our pixelmon servers. You can join by using your compass, clicking the NPCs. and going into the waterfall.

    What do I do if it says “Already Connecting” and nothing happens?

    All you have to do is wait to be connected to the server, it takes a minute or two. You can also log off the hub and rejoin to speed up the process.
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