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    October Network Build Competition
    Its the spookiest time of the year!!! That means it's time for another Build competition! We had some really nice tree house builds in August and we are looking forward to see what you guys will build this month! This month's theme is: Halloween! Halloween is super spooky: haunted rides and homes, pumpkins, ghosts, candy and more! This month you will be tasked with building something spooky for Halloween! Have fun with this build but don't go too overboard with the cobwebs!

    Below are all the requirements and rules, make sure to read them all! Remember that the use of any mods or programs that load schematics or give you a guide on where to place blocks, are NOT allowed! Using any of these mods will result in a disqualification. We enjoy seeing what your imagination comes up! Also note that you don't have to be the best builder in the universe to enter, so give the competition a try! When you are ready to submit your build, make sure to follow the format below!

    Build Competition Rules and Requirements!

    Start Date: October 1st
    End Date: October 31st Midnight EST
    Theme: Halloween! Build something spooky or Halloween related! You have an entire month to gather materials and build something to submit!
    Originality: We want to make sure that anything you built, is original and made by you, please don't submit anything you copied or schematiced.
    Coordinates: Please provide the server and the coordinates to your build so the judges can review your submission!
    Submission: You may only enter one submission! You can have as many builds as you want, as long as they are all in the same area of each other! If you had already been working on a Halloween build before the competition started, feel free to finish that build and enter!
    Participants: Your builds must have been created by you only! No partners! You CAN have people fund your builds by giving you money or supplies, but they CANNOT build with you!
    Pictures: Please add a picture of your build with your post on the forum for everyone to see if you are able to!

    Please don't submit a build that is inappropriate, we are a family-friendly network!

    Winners will be decided at the end of the competition, with the 1st place winner earning top prizes and getting their build featured on Twitter!
    All prizes will be determined based on what server you play on! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places available!

    Build Comp Reply Layout
    In-Game Name:
    Picture of build:
    Feel free to add a small description of your build!
  2. Hey, Maggie, I just had 1 question for this 1, is Creative a separate competition?
  3. Maggie

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  4. Ok, will it be the same theme? Or are the perimeters coming out soon?
  5. Maggie

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    Read the post please, its explains the theme and everything you need to know :)
  6. chavofan

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    I can already imagine the spooky scary skeletons
  7. Phantasi

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    In-Game Name: Phantasi
    Server: Skyblock
    : XYZ: -210/131.5/-2195.5
    Description: A skeleton holding a cookie while wearing a crown, I made last month or the month before on my sky block island, it's a mob ex farm and the cookie is my soon to be cocoa farm.

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  8. BritishPingu13

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    In-Game Name: MexicanPungu09
    Server: Sinnoh
    Coordinates: XYZ 1727 99 16826
    Description: This is a Duskull i have made. I made this on my Swampland M on Sinnoh because i just wanted to add some decoration to it and then the Comp came up and i wanted to join so i made a Little Duskull :D This has recently been added to the Sinnoh Spawn for the month of October.
    My Duskull:
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  9. Aidan

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    IGN: DoggoTheHedgeHog
    Server: Kanto
    Coords: 7105, 73, 1804
    Description: Its a pumkaboo i made, idk what else to say :/
    pump1.png kaboo2.png
  10. BritishPingu13

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    Nice Pumpkaboo Aidan!
  11. Aidan

    Aidan New Member

    i just deleted it lol i didnt see that
  12. EnderPika2497

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    In-Game Name: EnderPika2497
    Server: Creative (Representing Kanto though)
    : -974 64 299 [Plot ID: -19:7]
    Picture of build:
    Description: I did this as a side project to another Kantoween project. I liked the turn out of it so much, I thought why not enter it here. x3
    It's basically the original Red/Blue/Yellow/Green Arbok stemming out of a pumpkin. You can go inside the Arbok's mouth and follow throughout its body into the pumpkin base. There you will be dropped into Rumba's Head. Inside you will find 4 Diamond Armored stands. These represent the managers and admins of Kanto. The ghast tear is renamed "Arbok Tear," and the eye of ender is renamed to "Eye of Karp."
    2017-10-17_02.25.48.png 2017-10-17_02.25.59.png 2017-10-17_02.26.06.png 2017-10-17_02.26.09.png 2017-10-17_02.26.21.png 2017-10-17_02.26.30.png 2017-10-17_02.26.44.png 2017-10-17_02.27.16.png 2017-10-17_02.27.48.png 2017-10-17_02.27.59.png 2017-10-17_02.28.09.png 2017-10-17_02.28.31.png 2017-10-17_02.28.45.png 2017-10-17_02.28.52.png 2017-10-17_02.29.16.png
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  13. BritishPingu13

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    The Pumpkin omg so Cute :3

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