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    November Pun Contest!

    Hello everyone! This month we would like to introduce to you all our amazing new Pun Contest! Whether you love them or hate them (you don't actually hate them, you just pretend you do :]) enter our contest for some juicy rewards that will be listed at the end! All you need to is write a small story or paragraph that include a few puns that follow our POKEMON theme! Still confused? Check out this story our Punniest Manager Riddik made!

    Now your submission doesn't have to look like this, but you are more then welcome to enter a submission like this! Now if you absolutely CANNOT make a punny story using pokemon, feel free to make the story about anything! Please read all the rules and rewards next!

    Pun Contest Rules
    Start Date: November 14th
    End Date: December 3rd @ Midnight EST!
    Theme: Pokemon!
    Originality: Please make a story that you created! We will search every submission for any traces of plagiarism.
    Submission: Your submission must include atleast 3 sentences and more than 1 pun! To impress us and get a chance to get a reward, you need to try your best!

    1st Place: $25 In-Store Credit* + Primal Key + Event Key!
    2nd Place: $20 In-Store Credit* + Aura Key + Event Key!
    3rd Place: $15 In-Store Credit* + Event Key!
    *In-Store Credit means you will get a coupon to use in our Journey Shop to buy anything that totals the amount you win!
    *If you win and don't play on a Pixelmon Server, rewards will be converted to the server you play on!

    Pun Contest Reply Layout
    In-Game Name:
    Picture or text of your Entry:

    Good Luck!
  2. Alyssa

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    In-Game Name: AlyssaLynnM
    Server: Johto puns.png
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  3. Sky_kun

    Sky_kun Ex-Hoenn Senior-Nerderator

    In-Game Name: Sky_kun
    Server: Hoenn
    Picture or text of your Entry:

    Can I Axew a question? do you like puns? Goodra, but Bewear: they might make you Shuckle. I mean... you asked Furret, so I must Delibird. Alright Skiddo, it's time to HM01 the chatter and get right to the puns. I would keep my Meowth shut but puns keep me moving.

    So I became king of a small town in Dragonair. West Pastoria, born and raised in the Safari Zone is where I spent most of my days. Catchin em, Maxie, relaxin all cool... Throwin' Bait and Rocks, repeating one and two. And a couple of poachers who were up to no good started stealing Pokes in my neighborhood. I was in one little battle and my Mom got scared, said "You're movin' with your auntie and uncle to Dragonair."

    Also for music, I like to listen to 'Rolling in Mareep", but sometimes i'll listen to songs from Ekanescence if I'm feeling edgy.

    But enough about me, I want to hear your puns! Come on! Don't be a Shyhorn. There isn't any Shaymin bad puns, they only get better, Bayleef me! I would say more but I don't want to Jynx it. Oh well, got to go. But remember, never do drugs. Stuff like weedle ruin your life!

    We should meet up sometime. Here, i'll raichu my address and we can meet again.
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  4. go_diamond

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    In-Game Name: go_diamond
    Server: Johto
    Picture or text of your Entry:

    Far far away, there was once a Kingler over a country. Unfortunately this King was going to Decidu-die soon, and there was not one good Herider to the throne. The king had Arca-nine sons but only ArticUNO son was Bayleefed to be alive. The King knew his son was too terrible to be the Princeplup of the Persians. The King's Son was named A-Aron. Now I'll Gothitelle you that the people of the land did not want him to take the Throh-n. Whenever there was someone who Joltiked him off, he became Krabby and would see to it that they would be Exeggcute'd into a very Accelgorey Corpsola. Whenever he gave the command they would count down Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam, and then they would Bagon from this world. They did get a few seconds to feel very Ivysaur from the Pain Split between only themselves. The people who Fearow-ed him and found him to be very Gastly decided making him the next Kingdra would be Heracrossing the line. They schemed and took a Chansey by creating a very Farfetch'd plan where two men would have to Golurk near the palace. Whenever the king's son Solgaleo'ed down in his room, got in a Comfey position, and became Drowzee that they would Knock Off all the Garde[devoir]s, rush in, and send him into the Gorebyss. Two citizens went to Exeggcute that plan, it took a lot of Braviary but they were told to just Budew it. While they were near the palace, one said to another, "Kommo-oh no, what did I get Mewself into at least if I die, Mesprit will always be with this land" "What a legendary line, but shut your Meowth before we get caught in a Trapinch." "I Horsea what you did there." the other man said. When the men got near the palace, they became sick and starting Koffing and Weezing. Their only thoughts were if they would be Inkay. When the two arrived at his room, No Guard (s) were doing their job. Could it really be this Simple? "Don't just stand there, Golett yourself in." one said to the other. One of the two men Torchickened out and fled. He got away Safely. The one man that remained finally got his Goldeen opportunity. He went in the room, looked down to the King's son, and said "Now I'll have Munna this in the kingdom. It will now Starmie. I am the Machampion and you will Gabite the Dustox." The next day the king died and the man which had assassinated the son took his place. He turned out to be a very Slowking.
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  5. itzpsychominers

    itzpsychominers New Member

    In-Game Name: itzpsychominers
    Server: Hoenn
    Picture or text of your entry:
    Hello my name is itzPsychoMiners and I am ABSOL-utely excited to show you who the true WAILORD of puns is, doesn’t matter how many people WAILMER in sadness when they lose. I don’t care if I gotta go TYROGUE if it means I HITMONcan get to the HITMONTOP, and if you don’t like it you can just HITMONLEEve. Now don’t throw a TYARANTRUM you little TYRUNT, when this is all over we can let BAGONS be BAGONS, but for now your chances of winning are SHELGONe. I you still wanna fight it then ill just make SALAMENCE-meat out of you. I’ll give all the haters a MAROWAK. They may hate me down to the CUBONE, but that’s not TENTACOOL at all its just TENTACRUEL. Its going to be LITWICK and if I done win I guess ill just LAMPENT all my mistakes, but as of right now I think I have a good chance of CHANDELURE-ing you to my side. I will SPEAROW-head my to victory and leave all my challengers in FEAROW, but wait theres HEATMOR and its coming in MOLTRES ZAPDOS ARTICUNO. I will tell you the HUNTAIL the story of a man who wanted to strike it rich with CLAMPERLS. He was told his chances were GOREBYSSmal . Now this geoDUDE had plenty of friends and never had GRAVELER on the ground to eat, but he was a man determined to reach his GOLEM. He could WEEDLE his way out of any situation, and once he set his mind to something its like he encased his thoughts in a KAKUNA and ignored everyone else no matter how much they tried to BEEDRILL it into his head that he was being crazy. Because of this people thought he was a bit ODDISH but he never got GLOOMy no matter how VILEplume the insults got, cause he believed one day he would BELOSSOM into a great man. So he told his family CHINCHOU because it was his LANTURN to SHIINOTIC. He had a taste of adventure and he was ready for MORELULL. He thought everything was SWELLow and that his TAILlow was nowhere near done so. But his enemies were not SLAK-ing-OTH they were VIGOROTHsly trying to strike it rich so they can live like SLAKINGS. So the man HONEDGE his skills and sharpened his DOUBLADES so he can be ready to AEGISLASH down anyone who stands in his way, and so he and his enemy locked RHYHORNS. One RHYDONNED in the finest armor and the other with RHYPERIOR skills. His foe MACHOPed him in the neck before going to MACHOKE him. Just when the foe thought he was going to be the MACHAMP the ONIXspected happened. The man STEELIXed his nerves and went for his foes sablEYE. His enemy released him from his traPINCH and told him viBRAVAo for getting down and dirty for his dreams. He went on to tell him that his chances of winning were FLYGONe, but asked him why he fought so hard. The man told him it was MUNNA his business. His enemy feeling insulted told him he would beat him till he was nothing but MUSHarna. The man PIDOVE under his enemies swing . His expression was TRANQUILL as if he was UNFEZANT by his enemies viciousness . He managed to SKORupi the final flow on his foe. He proceeded to DRAPION his enemies body over his shoulder before digging a hole and putting the body in it. He grabbed a nearby rock and used his sword to make it into a makeshift SPIRITOMBstone. Then with all his BERGIMITE he AVAlUGGed his prize. He didn’t wanna SHINX it but he was ready to live a life of LUXIOry and his smile was like LUXRAY of sunshine. A man who was once as thin as a TURTWIG had GROTLEd his foe, ivan the TORTERRAble. His and proved the people who said he was BULDUM wrong. He put the pearls in his METANG, and realized pearl hunting was METAGROSS.He was so HAPPINY, he had taken a CHANSEY and it payed off. Now he can live the rest of his life in BLISSEY.Now I know a few of these are a bit FARFETCH’D and the sheer amount of puns may make you wanna PYUKUMUKU. But I still TOTODILE-aly plan to win and to those that say otherwise I just say CROCONAW, because my puns are so savage their down right FERALIGATR.

    Okay I decided to stop it there because I limited myself to not repeating any of the pokemon and using all members of an evolution line once I used one of them and because I decided to take pity on the judges. If you don’t get any of the puns just ask me and I can explain them because a few of the of them are a bit of a stretch and I hope you enjoyed(read:hated) my puns :D(also if I don't win ill make a part 2 and yes that's a threat). Also I really hope grammars not a factor.
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  6. iced_Cola

    iced_Cola New Member

    In Game Name: iced_Cola
    Server: Johto

    -Based on a true story-

    Gather 'round folks, and let me tell you a marvel-scale-lous story,
    This one is about iced_Cola and all his glory.

    He traveled far and wide looking for a server to play on,
    A server he could cherish-ball, a server he could stay on

    Poor and starving, he hobbled onto Johto with little expectations,
    Where he was met with loudred salutations,

    "Welcome to Johto!" the community yelled,
    ..He almost left because Riddik absol-utely smelled.

    Hustlin and workin harden to meet end's meet,
    He built a modest, lonely treehouse next to wildestofwheat.

    Through unbayleafable hard work, sweat, and fake tears,
    he accomplished what took most people years.

    He clauncher Cola Co., the largest breeding service Johto has ever seen,
    Making millions upon millions, he became Johto's go-to breeding machine.

    Through serperior marketing strategies and techniques,
    Cola Co. grew quickly in a matter of weeks.

    As months passed, he needed to seaking what else to do,
    Breeding wasn't amewsing anymore, it almost felt like he was through :(

    And so he throh some ideas around and decided to apply,
    In which he became a tier rep, gym scrub, and e4 member, what a guy!

    No longer a shellder of his former past,
    He was now helping others, taking battles, having a blast! ...toise

    Dating back from a wee lil trainer, he quickly became..
    a breeding staryu, a meme (trainer iced, iced_emily, imbetterthaniced, stepaside_iced, iron_cola, theawkardcola), a household name!

    Alright, alright, my Johto story is just about done,
    But never again will I say another pun.

    That would be seal-ly.
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  7. chocio88

    chocio88 :3 Moderator

    In-Game Name: Chocio88
    Server: Sinnoh, the home of the Punniest Manager
    Picture or text of your Entry: When I first heard of this competition, I thought it was a little RIDDIKulous but I though I would RAICHU a little story. It was a DARKRAI EEVEEning DURANT the winter and I was sat in my room with some friends. One friend asked me if I wanted some drugs. I said sure, WYNAUT? My other friend told me not to. He said WEEDLE make me high. But I took some anyway. I said to him hey can I AXEW a question, where do you get your drugs? He said AUDINO where I got them. The drugs made me feel a little DROWZEE. I passed out moments later. I had the craziest dream. I was on a MAGIKARPet flying above sinnoh with Rick GASTLY and some guy with an aFROAKIE. After we landed, Rick started KOFFING and WEEZING so I jumped back on the MAGIKARPet and made a RAPIDASH away. I head to the nearest SAWSBUCK's to grab a drink and a sandwich. I asked if I could get it BUTTERFREE. So I sat down to eat my sandwich but I was woken up from my dream by someone shouting BAGON THOT outside. I thought to myself that's a SHAYMIN. I was still a TYNAMO bit DROWZEE from last night. So when I was walking through my house I bumped into the table and I shouted, Ouch! I HITMONLEE! I sat down to watch some TV and put on the MEWs, I couldn't BAYLEEF what I saw. It was very ONIXspected. They have announced a new season of my favourite TV show, 3rd BROCK from the SUNKERN (3rd rock from the sun is a TV series trust me). After watching the news I watched The Green LANTURN at the cinema with my 2 friends from before. That was my day. I'm sorry my puns are ONIXly TRUBBISH. But I'm done for now. I BIDOOF you farewell! <3
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  8. Gawky

    Gawky Member

    o wow you people are making me cry..
  9. Winglet

    Winglet Priest of Lord Kyuubi|Survival's local Fox

    That was truly amazing
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  10. EchoBlaze

    EchoBlaze New Member

    In-Game Name: EchoBlaze
    Server: Johto
    Picture or text of your Entry:
    There was once a boy from a far away region. One day his mother told him he was going to Johto, the boy couldn't bayleef his ears!
    All his life he and his mother dwebbled through the caves of a far away region. He met all sorts of pokemon, even a very rare bouffalant with red sableyes. Once he was shipped to Johto he was transported to the main area. This region was very different from his own. It was a region where you HM02 in the sky. The boy was hoppiping through the main area and found himself experiencing a parasnormal activity. After this he wanted to be a staryu in battle and got pokemon to face the gyms. Soon he found out that he didn't stand a ghost of a chance against the zapping dos gyms. Soon he HM01'd through the gyms and he beat them all. After these gyms he found himself against the smelly four. He thought he could steel the wins and became the new champion of the Johto Region! He was the absol-lute winner of them all and he was never seen again. A boy named Gold was looking for him why he gyaradoes it no one knows.

    This was the story, hope you liked it. I will not open my meowth again for puns unless it is needed! :3
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  11. In-Game Name: xEnchantx
    Server: Johto!
    Picture or text of your Entry:
    When I first saw this Lo-pun-ny competition I thought, Hey I should test my SKILL SWAP and write a story!

    There was once a Mudkip from the Hoenn region. One day he Decidueyed to go to Johto, All of his friends thought he was crazy, They all said "A Hoenn Pokémon won't be Luvdisc in Johto!" So as the little Mudkip walked off sad, He found himself on the ship to Johto! The ship started moving! And the little Mudkip was scared. The ship was crashing into Lycanrocs! The Mudkip slid into some Metagross Muk! He Rotom-Washed himself off and he realized he was in Johto! Then he saw a Drink shop and decided to go get some Tapu Koko, "That will be 3 Pokedollars" Said the bartender. Mudkip doesn't have any Pokedollars. He puts the Tapu Koko back. Then Mudkip walks into the Carnavine, There is a huge Ferris Wheel, Mudkip goes on the Ferris Wheel and has a Jolly good time, The Ferris Wheel starts Croagunking and then Mudkip falls out of it! He is falling from the sky! But then a trainer named Enchanted Rapidash's and catches Mudkip! Mudkip is very scared, But then he opens his Sableyes and sees the trainer. The Mudkip jumps out of the trainers arms and tries to run away, He goes onto the Corpishing dock and the Fisher sends out his Pokémon. They want to battle! Enchanted runs forward and tells Mudkip to use Water gun! The Fishers Pokémon faints. Mudkip is so Happiny he found a friend, Enchanted asks if he could catch Mudkip for his team. Mudkip says yes! Enchanted and the Mudkip walk home with Blissey. Morelull of the story is, Even the smallest of things is Beautifly on the inside. Hope you enjoyed~~
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  12. Maggie

    Maggie Owner Staff Member Owner

    Just wanted to add a quick comment that all of these pun stories are amazing! Keep it up!
  13. SNGL_Yort

    SNGL_Yort New Member


    Alrighty then, I suppose it’s my Lanturn to make a puntastic story. I might be a bit Lotad late to the train and this story will take a Mawile to make, but i think it will be for sure a wailord of fun to make and Bewear of the puns to come. Once upon a time, there lived a Nidoking and Nidoqueen in a castle. The fun thing about them was that they had a Clefairy princess that granted any Whismur they wanted. One day, the Clefairy was Slaking off and they were pretty Togetic’d off, the Clefairy wasnt feeling on Hitmontop of the world like it normally does and that Stunfisk’d them a little bit. It was strange, the day the Clefairy wasnt feeling well, the sky was very Cosmog. So the Nidoking and Nidoqueen decided to do a bit of searching through the Bisharp place known as the forest for some answers. Most people thought they were Mienfools but they knew people would have a Watchdog out for them and keep a Darkrai on them.. So they left for the forest. After days of searching they found somebody that could come to their Gallade so they walked closer to him, not to realise the Journey they’d be going on. The helper was a Gliscor! And suddenly everyone was in the Magnezone as they searched for something to help their Clefairy. They brought a Lanturn with them for some light and soon it began to Snover, which scared the Clefairy so much but they said to Munchlax and that everything will be ok and that made Clafairy very Happiny. Eventually it became Darkrai very fast so they needed to Beedrill a hole in a small hill made of Palossand. As they Dugtrio’d out the inside of the hill they became nice and Comfey and suddenly their worries just went away. They walked for a few more hours until they came across the thing that would give them all the answers.. A Landrous the genie of all the healer of all.They Reshiran towards it not thinking how Honedge the Landrous was. Now I know you want to hear the end of this story but it’s getting Riddik-ulously long so I think I might just Bayleaf it as is so I hope you all have a Swalot of fun reading this even though it is pretty Beldum. Dang now I Chansey why everyone was saying it was so hard… Time to fade into the Marshadow goodbye… for now >:)
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  14. zLightningz

    zLightningz Member

    That's an apundance of portmanteaus.
  15. Gawky

    Gawky Member

    In-Game Name:
    Picture or text of your Entry: That was Absol-utely terrible. Now there's Shaymin Pokémon puns. But aren't some of these Farfetch'd? I don't Minun much, but some might say the humor's are missing. No if it doesn't hit there funny Cubone. And boring jokes might make people Drowzee, starting a mental Wartortle, So don't be surprised when people Staryu Oddish, saying its Onix-cceptable (Which is kinda Tentacruel,really). What they can say can't be all Chancey, but who gives a Psyduck!? Tell them to shut their Mewoths. Let's say good Eevee-ning and Hypnosis them to sleep! Actually, forget Snorlax-ing, we'll Blastoise them away. I'll try not to Jynx it, But my Future Sight is looking good. Like Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam! Let's Evolve Pokémon Puns. Rare Candy, Plusle level you butts! In fact, I think it's kinda Exeggcute (Sorry if that was Haunter-ing). Wow all this? I think it's Celebi-ratory!! (Kek, I know I won't win but good luck to others! I decided to try it out... because Wynaut. Kek~)
  16. WisdomAssassin

    WisdomAssassin Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    In-Game Name: WisdomAssassin
    Server: Johto
    Picture or text of your Entry:

    Everyone, come here, on this Thanksgiving day,
    If you do, I’ll tell you about a story, of ignorance and play.
    This story will start out as a small Bulb-asaur, a shoot that is sprouting,
    It’ll climb high like an Ivy-saur, so don’t be shouting.

    The story begins with child, who loved her red cloak,
    No one dared to tease her, her fists leaving Venu-sores if they spoke.
    Otherwise she was Charmaning, full of wit and glee,
    Always bringing a Char-meal-eon to her grandmother and the pet Char-lizard with a bad knee.

    She was a mischievous one, Squirt-le-ing others with water,
    Creating War-tortle and chaos as the days got hotter.
    But as she was having a Blast-oise, her mom went outside,
    “Your grandmother is very ill,” she uttered, as the girl grew horrified.

    “How should I help, should I Cater-pie to her needs?”
    Her mom replied, “Bring a basket of food and company, and you’ll be doing good deeds.”
    So off she went into the woods, bringing her Met-iPod and a basket of treats,
    Her mother’s words to stay away from strangers followed her after she left the streets.

    So this girl roamed around the trees, happy and Butter-free,
    Not knowing that a wolf was spying on her, behind a big tree.
    The wolf licked his chops as she passed by,
    “I’ll Weedle some information out of her first,” he muttered with a sigh.

    So as the girl skipped around in her Kacoona of her red cloak,
    Dancing around the Bees-drill and giving the trees a small poke,
    The wolf loomed up with a timid grin, trying to seem harmless,
    “Well, how do you do today?” he spoke without sharpness.

    The girl looked up, startled but without fear,
    All thoughts about danger disappeared as she responded with great cheer.
    “My grandmother has a huge Pi-fridge-y, and I have some Pidgeon-otto pot pie,
    So her illness might get better, and won’t make her die.”

    The wolf gave a friendly smile, and asked if she also had Pidge-otter meat,
    She looked at him strangely, and said no, but she did have some wheat.
    Rats-atta,” the wolf responded with a sigh,
    “Despite your taste in food, you still are so noble,” wiping a fake tear from his eye.

    “To where are you going?” he went on without a Rati-catch,
    And the girl told him about her grandmother’s house sitting on a patch.
    She had no idea that this would Spear-ow her in the back,
    Waving goodbye to the wolf, who was planning on an attack.

    So the naive girl kept on skipping through the plants,
    Without any Fear-ow, accidentally stepping on the ants.
    At this time, her sick grandmother was stacking her Ek-cans,
    Trying to sort through the clutter throughout the house with her shaking hands.

    The wolf sauntered up to the small house, a devious plan in his head,
    Are-bok you the grandmother of a girl with a red cloak?” he said.
    She answered, walking to the entrance, “I don’t believe I took a Peek-at-chu yet.”
    And as the door opened, the wolf roared, “Didn’t expect me to Raichu your death I bet.”

    So on the Sandy-shrew entrance of the cozy home,
    The wolf clawed and Sand-slashed, his mouth full of foam.
    The sickly old grandmother Nido-ran back to her house,
    Only to be stopped as the wolf shut the Ni-door-ina, a game of cat and mouse.

    The wolf bared his teeth at the old lady, his mouth a horrid smile,
    “Off you go to a place fit for a Nido-queen, where you’ll be trapped for a while.”
    Ignoring her pleas, his mouth opened to the size of a Nid-arena-o,
    “A meal fit for Nido-kings,” he cackled like a hyena.

    So he swallowed her whole, as if she was as small as a Cle-fairy,
    A Cle-fableulous morsel, despite being a bit hairy.
    As soon as the wolf finished, he gave a great yawn,
    “I’m ready for dessert, the small Vul-pixie,” he announced on the lawn.

    Hiding his Nine-tail, the wolf slung the pink nightgown over his body,
    And put on the fallen cap and the Zu-batty glasses, looking pretty shoddy.
    Despite his Goal-bat, it was a bit Odd-ish, he admitted to himself with some shame,
    But one has to play right to be the winner of this game.

    He Gloom-ily trudged back to the small cottage, dressed in pink clothes,
    But his Vile-plume plan working, as he lay back in bed in a doze.
    No longer did he look like the big bad wolf, ready to feast,
    But instead transformed into a sickly elder, opposite of a beast.

    A few moments later, the young girl with the red cloak appeared,
    But the Paras-lyzing, disguising stench in the air caused the worst to be feared.
    She dropped her basket quickly, hurrying up the cottage stairs,
    “What happened?” she cried out, “Was there no Para-respect from the bears?”

    The girl hurried inside, her eyes full of Venom-at whoever caused this blight,
    But even the birds were silent, and the Veno-moths were out of sight.
    She crept in silently, Dig-letting herself push through the piles of mess,
    As she Dug-trio through the collections of old books and chess.

    Then suddenly, she heard a weak cry coming from one of the rooms,
    Opening her Meowth to answer, she raced across the Persian carpets, away from the fumes.
    Psy-ducking her head to avoid the beams of wood,
    She suddenly halted at the sight of the prone figure, head covered with a hood.

    “Grandmother, are you okay?” The worried girl rushed inside,
    The wolf snickered silently, opening his eyes wide.
    “I’m as good as Gold-uck sweetie, don’t make a fuss about what you’ve found.
    Watch your M-ankle-y also, there’s a hump on the ground.”

    The girl with the red hood stared at the imposter, not knowing what to do,
    “Golly grandma, your eyes are as big as an Prime-ape, was this from the flu?”
    The wolf almost Growled-ithe from the ignorant reply,
    “All the better to see you with,” he made up a lie.

    The girl laughed nervously, “At least you don't have Arca-nine eyes,
    But are you sure you’re fine, your nose also is an incredible size."
    The wolf Poli-wagged his hidden tail irritably, trying not to give her a slap,
    “All the better to smell you with,” he said with a snap.

    The girl Poli-whirled the red fabric of the cloak around her hands,
    Nervously she stated, “Your teeth look sharp enough to bite down some pans.”
    The wolf had enough, he unleashed his Poli-wrath,
    “All the better to eat you dear,” he lunged in her path.

    The girl screamed, and A-bravely tried to smack the wolf away,
    Attempting to Kada-break his nose and keep his claws at bay.
    But the wolf, whose disguise had been revealed,
    Snarled, “You smart Aleck-azam, it’s your time now to yield.”

    He opened his mouth wide, and swallowed the girl down,
    And didn’t even attempt to chew on the red gown.
    Howling in triumph, he gulped down his prey,
    “I’ll Ma-chop and Machoke whoever stands in my way.”

    Unbeknownst to the wolf, a Ma-champion lived near by,
    Chopping down tree Bell-sprouts as tall as the sky.
    But after this woodcutter heard Weeping-bell, followed by a scream,
    He stopped what he was doing, and ran towards the stream.

    A cottage lay nearby, with a metallic smell in the air,
    Which housed a wolf, who had a glint full of Victree-bell in his stare.
    The Geo-dude with the axe lept across the waters and to the Gravel-er path,
    Determined to Go-lem make the wolf feel his wrath.

    The lounging wolf gave a contented sigh, not expecting a thing,
    He was feeling so full, as if he ate a Pony-ta just like a king.
    So once the woodcutter bore down on him with an axe,
    He wasn’t ready to Rapi-dash away, only wanting to relax.

    His Slowpoke response was his ultimate mistake,
    As the axe sliced through the air, and cut him like steak.
    The Slow-broken body quivered a bit, as if still alive,
    Aha! The girl and the grandmother burst out with a desperate dive.

    They both hugged the woodcutter with all their Magne-might,
    Giving him a Magne-ton of their thanks throughout the night.
    So these three lived happily ever after, living life day by day,
    Happy endings aren’t too Farfetch’d, or are they…


    Happy Thanksgiving to all! And super sorry for making this so long, I have a really bad habit of making everything I do 4x longer than supposed to be. The rhyming, the puns being in Poxedex order, and the storyline restrictions were all supposed to make it so I don't ramble on, and make it a tiny bit more interesting, but I guess that didn't work lengthwise. And I also apologize in advance if I accidentally left some Pokemon out, or put them out of order. Thank you all for reading through this if you did attempt to, and hope you did enjoy! :)
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    Can we create a video.... instead of just a picture or text...??
  18. Marcelion

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    In-Game Name: IAmCreation
    Server: Johto
    Picture or text of your Entry: This is a video... please watch it till the end. Thank You! (Sorry if I made any spelling mistakes... English isn't my first language)

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  19. Maggie

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    After much reading and laughing over these punderful submissions, we have finally chosen our winners! If you are a winner, please message me on the forums, find me on teamspeak, or discord, when you are online so I can give you rewards! All submissions were great! It was even difficult for the judges to choose who the winners were because all the submissions were amazing! Congrats again, and see you all next pun contest!

    1st: WisdomAssassin @WisdomAssassin
    2nd: iced_cola @iced_Cola
    3rd: itzpsychominerz @itzpsychominers
  20. zLightningz

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    That's my pun! "Punderful", and "Apundance"!

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