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    November News

    We hope you all had a great Halloween and ate lots of candy! However, it is finally November, which means the end of the year is getting closer and closer! This November 24th, America celebrates Thanksgiving, one of the most important Holidays of the year. The tradition is that families and friends get together and enjoy a huge meal with each other, while usually saying what you have been thankful for. For us on the network, that just means that there will be a special sale as well as new Event Key! The servers might even have a few special events on the day of thanksgiving.

    We have an incredible new artist for the network! So you will be seeing new art around the shop, newsposts, and the Holidays coming up!

    This month there will not be any change logs, since only a few things changed. The most notable change this past month was Sinnoh's upgrade from 4.2.7 to 4.3.0 Beta 9! This upgrade definitely came with many noticeable improvements! Make sure to check out the installation guide if you need any help installing or upgrading!

    Make sure to keep voting on all the servers! At this very moment, we are Number 3 on the Pixelmon List (1st Voting Link) however, we are pretty tied in vote counts with the server below us, so make sure to vote everyday to maintain our spot!

    As I mentioned above, yes we will be returning our Thanksgiving Themed Key! It is called the "TurKey" (notice the pun trend? haha). It is an enchanted chicken leg, which when used at the Turkey Crate, gives you a treat! The TurKey includes:
    -Only Shiny Pokemon
    -Select Aura pokemon
    -Shiny Legendaries
    -Pro, Ace, and Elite Ranks
    Pokemon in this chest all have wings or in the simplest of terms, resemble birds (The main meal at Thanksgiving is stuffed Turkey or Chicken!) There is also some other related pokemon like Snorlax, which is how we all feel after eating so much food! Keys will be available soon, and we hope you are all just as excited as we are about them!

    As always, stay up to date on any Network news on our Twitter! We post special events and pictures from the servers; make sure to look for yourself!

    We all hope to see you around the server! <3

    Art Credit:
    Cindy @pigeonbirb
    Checkout more of our new Artist's work and follow her on twitter

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    Hi im new here and i dont know what i am supposed to do because i am trying to get a pixelmon game and searched it up on google and it showed me servers with a lot of people and the one with the most people was this one and i clicked on it and it brought me here and told me to register to the web page i dont know if this is the pixelmon server well i know that it has something to do with poxelmon but i do not know how to get on the server and if it is please give me permission to join it to play on the server and tell me the basics and how to get on the server and that would be it
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    So guys please let me on the server i would really appreciate it
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    Just if you put me on the server i am only 11 sooo..... if you have any bad language please stop it cause i have watched a lot of pixelmon series and i was so sad that i couldnt play the game but i have a chance please do not blow it for me cause i will cry
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