Journey Network Build Competition for June!

Discussion in 'Events' started by Maggie, May 31, 2017.

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  1. Maggie

    Maggie Owner Staff Member Owner

    Network Build Competition for June!

    Welcome everyone to our first Network Build Competition! For the month of June we will be hosting a few Network events on the forums. To start off we will have a Build Competition! Build something on one of our servers that you think will win you first place, then submit your entry here on the forums by replying to this post! Rules are written below! Good luck everyone!

    Build Competition Rules and Requirements!

    Start Date: June 1st
    End Date: June 30th Midnight EST
    Theme: No theme! Build whatever you think will impress us the most or what you think would be the most fun! Use the blocks of your choice!
    Server: Builds MUST be made on our servers, so yes that is why you have an entire month to gather materials and build something to submit! We want to make sure that anything you built, is original and made by you! If you have been working on a build by yourself previous to the month starting, feel free to finish that build and enter too!
    Coordinates: Please provide the server and the coordinates to your build so the judges can review your submission!
    Submission: You may only enter 1 thing to the comp, be it a house, town, statue, arena, etc. NO Pixel Art (will be for another event ^^)!
    Participants: For this competition, your builds must have been created by you only! No partners! You CAN have people fund your builds by giving you money, they cannot build with you!
    Pictures: Please add a picture of your build with your post on the forum for everyone to see!

    Please don't submit a build that is inappropriate, we are a family-friendly server!

    Winners will be decided at the end of the month, with the 1st place winner earning top prizes and getting their build featured on Twitter!

    1st Place: Primal Key and 1 Aura Key
    2nd Place: 2 Aura Keys and a Legend Key
    3rd Place: 1 Aura Key, Legend Key, and Champion Key

    Build Comp Reply Layout
    In-Game Name:
    Picture of build:
    Feel free to add a small description of your build!
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  2. FluffyKitten

    FluffyKitten New Member

    In-Game Name: TheFluffyKitten
    Server: Kanto
    Coordinates: 6474/77/4862
    Picture of build:

    This Build is for Our beautiful but sleepless owner Maggie who stays up to late! In it we can see her playing league on top of her favorite blanket in bed at the latest of hours <3

    Attached Files:

  3. Firegirl20

    Firegirl20 Member

    In-game name: Queen_Fire_Mew
    Server: Kanto
    Coordinates: XYZ: 4948.385/91.00000/580.491
    Picture of Build:

    This build is dedicated to rusty, who loves delibirds with her heart.
  4. Und3rCov3rPanda

    Und3rCov3rPanda New Member Staff Member Builder

    In-Game Name: Und3rCov3rPanda
    Server: Johto
    Coordinates: x:2940 y:95 z:-11739
    Pictures of build:

    This is a build I've worked on for a good month and a half or so, and finally recently completed it. I received a bit of help obtaining money to buy nether-rack for the roof, but the entire build was made by myself. Having finally completed it, I'm happy with the result and the time put into creating it.
  5. SanTB

    SanTB New Member

    IGN: SantaHasTB
    Server: Kanto
    Coord: 2400 86 4764

    Welcome to the Kanto Flying Gym.

    Sit back and relax as Air Deli takes you on a magical ride and take clouds up to the floating battlefield to challenge the gym.

    Quite happy with this actually.

    Attached Files:

  6. JokerTroy

    JokerTroy New Member

    In-Game Name:JokerrrY
    Coordinates:(-4010, 71, -1073)
    Picture of build: So this is my town and it took me more than 2 weeks. And it's just a normal town. The eastern area starts from the Japanese style temple is gonna be a Japan town. I haven't started it yet. The southern part is a McDonald and there are two houses in the town now. And one more thing, I'm not done with interior designing of those buildings.
  7. Kingrc16

    Kingrc16 New Member

    In-Game Name: Kingrc16
    Coordinates:-332 64 8005
    Picture of build: 2017-06-18_21.48.04.png
  8. Spyral

    Spyral New Member

    This is my house! I decided to do something different and that nobody has done before. So I built a Dragon House! (Yes you can go inside) This house is decorated inside too It took a lot of time and effort to build it so I hope you guys appriciate this! (sorry for the rayquaza in the way it's the only way I could take the screen shots)

    In Game Name: spyralv8
    Server: Unova
    Cords: -636 64 1548
    Pictures are down below

    Attached Files:

  9. TheLordRoberto

    TheLordRoberto New Member

    In-Game Name: TheLordRoberto
    Server: Sinnoh
    Coordinates: -14561 74 1548
    Picture of build: This is my Medival based townish place. It's not exactly the most unique thing in the world, but it has its qualities and it took a lot of work and time. This being so I really enjoy this build, its my most favorite build I've done,[not trying to be vain] so I hope you at least enjoy this build yourself! [P.S- These coordinates take you to one part the other part is connected by a nearby path.]

    These screenshots were taken with a different mixture of shader packs and texture packs for diversity.
  10. cowheadz

    cowheadz New Member

    In-Game Name: Cowheadz
    Server: Kanto
    Coordinates: -4839 65 -6837
    Description: This my hidden temple gym. It comes complete with its own pokecenter area, a lobby and a gym arena. The door opens with a pressure plate.
    Picture of build: templegym1.png templegym2.png templegym3.png templegym4.png templegym5.png templegym6.png templegym7.png templegym8.png
  11. VirtualBrick

    VirtualBrick New Member

    In-Game Name: VirtualBrick
    Server: Sinnoh
    Coordinates: X = 6918 Y = 63 Z = 4808
    Description: This is a build meant to represent one of the most important events in the entire pokemon series, the red gyarados at the lake of rage. it is a little bit odd-looking but I did this within a couple of days as I'm going on holiday and didn't find out about the comp till recent so please excuse the derpy face.
    Picture of Build: Idk why but I cant post the pictures because the files are "too large" so if the build is needed to be viewed, the coordinates will need to be found on the Sinnoh server. I am really sorry if you need pictures I can send you them on discord
  12. Siervena

    Siervena New Member

    Ancient Tribe Town

    In-Game Name: Siervena (At the moment when this post is created my ingame name is PepeTho but i'll change it in 2 days to my final name "Siervena")

    Server: Johto
    Coordinates: -1264 64 -12102

    I've build an Ancient Tribes Town which is decoreated in a very ancient and old look. A very important fact is that "Nethevisti" asked me once if he could build a remple beside me and i gave him the perm. But then i wanted to make my town much bigger so i asked him if i could buy that little plot and he said yes so just dont judge the little temple just think that hes not there because i got no permission to break it :/(
  13. Marijn (Kabama116)

    Marijn (Kabama116) New Member

    In Game name: Kabama116
    Server: Kanto
    Coordinates: -5086 70 -6751
    I have maked a Jigllypuff that can stay in like the spawn area (The back not finished) ,I thought U will like a jigglypuff kitty! (did it with no fly suit)
    picture of build:
  14. Mosapotayis

    Mosapotayis Johto Manager Staff Member Manager

    Posting this on behalf of Savouras.

    In-Game Name: Savouras
    Server: Johto
    Coordinates: -9195 86 -17030
    Picture of build: Well basically its a Spaceship and it was built kinda freeflow but im happy with the way it looks so there it is.
    9sYsSuD.png FE2Y5le.jpg JRHrhZZ.png OY8x5Gj.png Sab7vmO.png w7FKOTw.png vqKz75c.png xdFlv0Q.png
  15. Ciusana

    Ciusana S-Mod I Builder I Santa Staff Member Builder Admin

    In-Game Name: Ciusana
    Server: Kanto
    Coordinates: -9352 69 -3319
    Description: I last second decided to build something for the comp after all, so I built this mage's tower. It's not much but I enjoyed building it and I'll probably use it too ^-^
    Picture of build:
    (I have yet to figure out how to upload pictures on here)
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  16. __Xander__

    __Xander__ New Member

    In-Game Name:__Xander__
    Coordinates:X:1688 Y:63 Z:503
    Picture of build: 2017-06-28_14.20.20.png
    My Build is a Giant Tree in my Island. Don't mind the other big tree though. Huge Credit to RustyShell for helping me build the leaves. I'd say this was a 1 week build. I am very proud of building it
  17. Flooke

    Flooke New Member

    In-Game Name: Flooke
    Server: Johto
    Coordinates: -1601, 70, 2440
    Pictures of build:
    2017-06-28_20.52.56.png 2017-06-28_20.54.03.png 2017-06-28_20.54.19.png 2017-06-28_20.55.07.png 2017-06-28_20.55.17.png
    I needed a place to put my perf signs in so I made this dragon thing on a ruined tower, the former looking like a deformed Lugia. c:
    Also thanks to Tunesical for lending me pumpkins, Darkangel6667 for smelting me clay, and ThatBoyChris for supplying netherbrick. And those that encouraged me to post. <3
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2017
  18. Vidz

    Vidz New Member

    In-Game Name: Vidz_hazlife_YT
    Server: Sinnoh
    Coordinates: -740, 64, 2750 (Literally just outside warp plains)
    I can't put a image on because it says it's "spam" or has inappropriate elements, I'm really sorry and I can send it on discord if you like or something

    But the build is a arena, It took me some time to build but I am happy with the result.
  19. smikkelbeerdenna

    smikkelbeerdenna New Member

    In-Game Name: SmikkelbeerDenna
    Server: Kanto
    Coordinates: -1273, 66, 5213
    Picture of build:!AsWXEaBiaUE8iWWO_slFdWhkMxuP!AsWXEaBiaUE8iWHXFd_pevSE2Hk-!AsWXEaBiaUE8iWIYOJHg2U0N0WJ7!AsWXEaBiaUE8iWN7QbrVbogSVP-n!AsWXEaBiaUE8iWbcByRhCEm-N4lu

    My build for this competition is a modern beachhouse. It's mainly build with quarts and dark oak. It was meant for me as a fun build project, 2 months ago, but people said I should let it compete in the Build competition. So, here it is.
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  20. Ciusana

    Ciusana S-Mod I Builder I Santa Staff Member Builder Admin

    Rules do state tho that you have to build on your own and cannot receive help building.
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