Johto Muted for 24 hrs becouse I said "fok"

Discussion in 'Report a Player' started by B1gGun, Aug 7, 2018.

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  1. B1gGun

    B1gGun New Member

    lol, this is just pathetic, I'm a friendly guy an I accidentally wrote "fok".
    I said it and I will always say it, the helpers are just there for these moments... who dafuk cares that I wrote "fok" this just a disgruntled helper that have no life and ruining the fun for other people.

    I think I'll quit this server, and from journey-gaming completely.

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  2. TheColdoor

    TheColdoor Johto's Ad min & E4 Champ Staff Member Admin

    Hello B1gGun,

    This is not the first time you've broke the rules before. Filter evading is our own rules, so saying "fok" is not allowed on our servers, you need to keep it PG. The 24 hour mute resulted in an accumulation of broken rules. Disrespecting staff members or just any player is also not allowed. After your mute is done, I hope you follow all of our server rules.

    If you want to make an appeal of your mute, you can just follow this format: and simply post your appeal here:

    Thread locked.
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